February PhChallenge

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I signed up for the photo challenge of Elisse, but I wasn't having enough time.
So here are some more. I might finnish it a bit later. We"ll see!

8. Air. 6.50 AM.

9.Me-time (my favorite place + a relaxing evening with PLL)

10. Black and white

11. Series (people dancing the macarena) 
12. A friend (The friendship between a turkish girl and a Mexican boy) 
13. A window.

14. Hidden(I never liked my mouth on pictures).

15. Mail. (Thank you Jenny).

Those are for sure not my best taken pictures. I can do better. 
I'll upload the rest soon! Have a good evening.


A new phone case

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It was a long time ago that i used the sewing machine. So this weekend i made a new phone case. This time without a push-button inside. (it tears your fabric and makes scrachtes on your phone) With a fabric from den action* i made myself a new phone case. And i proudly present you the result. 

Ik besloot om nog eens aan het naaimachien te gaan zitten en een nieuw gsm zakje te maken. Dit keer zonder drukknop (het trekt je stof stuk en maakt krassen op je telefoon). Met een stofke van den action ging ik aan de slag. En nu presenteer ik met trots het resultaat.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Listening: I'm still addicted to Arctic monkey. This month my most played song on my ipod is Say something It's just an amazing song that makes me cry.

Loving: I'm in love with the new episodes from Teen wolf & Pretty Little Liars
And my new classmates are really awesome. I love to be in class C!

Pinning: Ideas for taking pictures. & some sewing ideas. I haven't been on Pinterest much this month. It's a shame i know.

Enjoying: My new course on college. I have only been there a week but the assignments and classes are serious fun to do. Guess I'll have some stress soon but I'm excited to start writing, editing and all those things..

Reading: Reflected in you - Sylvia Day This book is serious a written porn story. Almost after every 10 pages they are making out. But the story behind is quit interesting. Not my favorite book though..

Plans: I'm thinking about joining this blogmeetup but i don't really know anyone who is going so I'm still doubting about that one. Next weekend I'll be on a weekend with my youth club and for the rest i just have to do some schoolwork. I also need a new layout.

Thoughts: I'm happy! And i should meet up more with my friends..

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what are you currently loving/reading/celebrating...etc? do tell! 



5 Things i should remember..

Friday, February 14, 2014


I'm back online again. I'll be writing posts this week. Today I'm writing about 5 things that I should remember. Enjoy this silly post! Ps: have you voted already for me to win a trip? 

1. To check my classroom and timetable before leaving.

As you know I started a new course this week. I was a bit to late in French class because i couldn't find the classroom (i even didn't know which one i needed) Luckily for me, My classmates are always there to guide me.

But I have a daily exploring trip at college.That's a good thing right? I met some people while wandering around. Hooray for making friends.

2. To take an umbrella.

If you live in Belgium, you know it's raining a lot. I keep telling myself: "Melissa, take an umbrella". But i end up not taking it with me.

But.. Someone told me once that rain is good for your hair. It grows faster thanks to the rain. So who needs an umbrella if you know your hair will grow?

3. To take the right train.

I looked at the wrong train at the website so i took a train one hour to early.

I arrived way to early at college just because i didn't check the trains properly.

But.. Arriving early is better then arriving late.

4. To put my phone on do not disturb when I'm sleeping.
Really! I should remember to put my phone on silent and non-vibrating when I'm in bed. When he starts to vibrate I'm always getting a little heart attack. People shouldn't be texting me overnight! You should be in bed you little texting person. :)

But... I'm keeping social even at night! (and that's not a good thing!..)

5. To go to bed early.
I'm a terrible morning person. I hate waking up and i get grumpy if i have to wake up. A solution would be that i go to bed early. Ahh not gonna happen.

But.. An owl lives at night, I love owl's so that makes it alright! 
And I'm just better in doing late night work than morning work.

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What should you remember to do?


Phc February.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

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I'm partly joining in the Photo challenge of Elisse. I have a bit of social media break. (blogging aswel) I'll be back online soon i guess. Here are some of the pictures i already took for the challenge. See you soon! 
*Ps: tomorrow i have my first day of school, wish me luck!

1. Self portrait.

2. Reading

4. Reflection
5.Body part.
6.Feeling (not winning the game)
7.Water (there are better pictures taken with an underwater camera, but don't have them yet)

That's all for now.. See you soon bloggers! 

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Review: 3 in 1 Shampoo

Friday, February 07, 2014

Beauty post alert! 

My hair is quite long and that makes me a very happy woman.Unfortunately, long hair means more work :) After washing my hair I usually have tangles.
My sister bought this 3 in 1 shampoo that tells us: NO MORE TANGLES.
So i had to try it right? 

Mijn haar is vrij lang aan het worden en dat maakt mij een blije dame.
Helaas betekent lang haar meer werk. Na het wassen klit het vaak samen.
Mijn zus kocht deze week een 3 in 1 Shampoo waarop staat: Nooit meer klitten. Dat moest ik toch gewoon uit proberen dan?

Package information.
Silicone-free, Detangling body en shine shampoo. For all hair types.

NL: Silicone vrij, antiklit en glans shampoo. Voor alle haartypes.

300ml bottle = € 2.59.  (Price in sale. the real price is around 5)

Let's do this!
I took the bottle into the shower. I washed it as the instructions said. Washing, leave on for some minutes and wash it out. During the washing i tried to brush it already to see some results. After the shower i pulled my hair together in a towel like i always do. After 5 minutes i usually brush it. And there they are the tangles were back.The shampoo doesn't have a special smell. It foams well and feels good on your skin while washing. 

NL: Ik nam de fles mee in mijn douche. Ik waste het zoals de instructies zeiden. Wassen, laten intrekken en goed uitspoelen. Ik kamde het tussen het wassen al eens door om te zien hoe het resultaat was. Na de douche stak ik mijn haar samen in een handdoek. En na een vijftal minuten begon ik te kammen. Helaas waren er op dat moment al weer klitten in mijn haar.De shampoo heeft geen speciale geur vind ik. Het schuimt lekker en voelt fijn aan op je hoofdhuid tijdens het wassen.

After washing.
The shampoo made the brushing a little bit easier. I guess it's just not the right shampoo for my kind of hair. For the rest i really loved the shampoo and my sister's hair is getting tangled free after using it. I'll keep on looking until i find the perfect match for my hair.

NL:De shampoo maakte het doorkammen toch een beetje makkelijker. Ik denk dat mijn haar gewoon nog niet zijn perfecte shampoo vond. Voor de rest vond ik het een fijne shampoo. Mijn zus haar haar was wel klitten vrij. Ik zal blijven zoeken tot ik de perfecte match vind met mijn haar.

Have you ever used this shampoo?


Happy January.

Monday, February 03, 2014

The first month of the year is over. As usual I post a summary of my month.
It was a happy month with good news, a lot of hope and future prospects.

De eerste maand van het jaar is voorbij. Naar gewoonte post ik dan ook een overzicht van mijn maand. Het was een vrolijke maand met goed nieuws,veel hoop en toekomstvooruitzichten.

Things i have done:
I celebrated the new year with my family.

I had an amazing family evening with of course the family. We had dinner and watched some movies. A great evening it was.
I made my very first pencil case and I'll make some more soon. 
I visited the nation television station of Belgium. De VRT.

I also visited the printing center of one of the biggest media groups who are responsible for the paper.
I burned a candle for all my friends with exams. I only had one.
I went for a drink with my future classmates and had a splendid time.
I went walking almost daily. I really hope for snow. (one day is enough).
Me and my sister went crazy shopping in den Action* And my bed broke down after years of service. (I have a a new one).

I have been to Antwerp to do an exam for a degree. And I had a new haircut.
I have to wait to more weeks on the result of the exam. Wish me luck.

A while ago my laptop key broke. The shop told me it would cost me 200 euros to replace it. (They replace the whole keyboard it seems). So i took my old laptop and fixed it myself. It's pretty unique right?

I also learned a lesson: Always take a shopping bag to a store where they don't sell bags. Cause i had to bike with the box and that was not easy.

Funniest thing happened:
I used my suitcase as a chair until the suitcase felt over. Can you imagine the rest of the story?

Ik gebruikte mijn valies als stoel tot ze omviel. De rest kan jezelf aanvullen.:) 

Dick bracke - IQ 140                             Incendiary 
Stephen King- Joyland.                         The curious case of Benjamin Button.
                                                         Keeping mom.

And this was my January. Sounds like a good month right? I really had a good month. I became way more positiver and I'm ready to live life right. 
See you soon for another blogpost! 

Ps: I also had my first for fun photo shoot! Still learning! 

How was your January?

* Dutch shop where you can buy different kind of things. 
**Books and movies.