5 Things i should remember..

Friday, February 14, 2014


I'm back online again. I'll be writing posts this week. Today I'm writing about 5 things that I should remember. Enjoy this silly post! Ps: have you voted already for me to win a trip? 

1. To check my classroom and timetable before leaving.

As you know I started a new course this week. I was a bit to late in French class because i couldn't find the classroom (i even didn't know which one i needed) Luckily for me, My classmates are always there to guide me.

But I have a daily exploring trip at college.That's a good thing right? I met some people while wandering around. Hooray for making friends.

2. To take an umbrella.

If you live in Belgium, you know it's raining a lot. I keep telling myself: "Melissa, take an umbrella". But i end up not taking it with me.

But.. Someone told me once that rain is good for your hair. It grows faster thanks to the rain. So who needs an umbrella if you know your hair will grow?

3. To take the right train.

I looked at the wrong train at the website so i took a train one hour to early.

I arrived way to early at college just because i didn't check the trains properly.

But.. Arriving early is better then arriving late.

4. To put my phone on do not disturb when I'm sleeping.
Really! I should remember to put my phone on silent and non-vibrating when I'm in bed. When he starts to vibrate I'm always getting a little heart attack. People shouldn't be texting me overnight! You should be in bed you little texting person. :)

But... I'm keeping social even at night! (and that's not a good thing!..)

5. To go to bed early.
I'm a terrible morning person. I hate waking up and i get grumpy if i have to wake up. A solution would be that i go to bed early. Ahh not gonna happen.

But.. An owl lives at night, I love owl's so that makes it alright! 
And I'm just better in doing late night work than morning work.

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  1. The stuff I need to remember is ALARM!!! I usually forget about it a lot . Sigh.

  2. I'm with Noor. Set the alarm. If I forget that then everything will go downhill.

  3. I need to remind myself of so many of these things too! Especially the umbrella one...I ALWAYS forget an umbrella!

  4. You and I would get along great! I am so not a morning person! I hate getting up & its cold! Grumpy face!

  5. Haha...if it wasn't for my freaking husbands loud behind alarm clock, I'd never make it!

  6. Haha ik heb ook zo'n hekel aan de ochtend.. dan ligt het bed op de een of andere manier ook het lekkerst. ;) Helaas 's avonds te actief om op tijd te gaan slapen. Leuk je puntjes, kan me in bijna alles herkennen haha. Liefs

  7. My trick is that I program the alarm on my phone to go off automatically every day of the week, or else I am completely screwed!
    The thing I need to remember is where I put things down!

  8. Take an umbrella! That is the one I am always forgetting!

  9. hehe, Ik was vandaag ook een uur te laat maar het was eens niet mijn eigen schuld. In mijn lessenrooster stond een fout :D En de les was dus al begonnen, haha. Maar ik had niet zoveel gemist omdat het nog maar de eerste les was :) Leuke lijst, en eigelijk is alles wat je zegt waar! Mijn paraplu heeft de afgelopen dagen serieuze overuren gedaan! xo

  10. Oh God, how to remember going bed early? Hahaha first world problem!

  11. Such a cool post. ;-)
    Lovely greets...

  12. haha, een aantal van die puntjes zou ik zelf ook eens beter moeten leren onthouden :-)


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