Happy January.

Monday, February 03, 2014

The first month of the year is over. As usual I post a summary of my month.
It was a happy month with good news, a lot of hope and future prospects.

De eerste maand van het jaar is voorbij. Naar gewoonte post ik dan ook een overzicht van mijn maand. Het was een vrolijke maand met goed nieuws,veel hoop en toekomstvooruitzichten.

Things i have done:
I celebrated the new year with my family.

I had an amazing family evening with of course the family. We had dinner and watched some movies. A great evening it was.
I made my very first pencil case and I'll make some more soon. 
I visited the nation television station of Belgium. De VRT.

I also visited the printing center of one of the biggest media groups who are responsible for the paper.
I burned a candle for all my friends with exams. I only had one.
I went for a drink with my future classmates and had a splendid time.
I went walking almost daily. I really hope for snow. (one day is enough).
Me and my sister went crazy shopping in den Action* And my bed broke down after years of service. (I have a a new one).

I have been to Antwerp to do an exam for a degree. And I had a new haircut.
I have to wait to more weeks on the result of the exam. Wish me luck.

A while ago my laptop key broke. The shop told me it would cost me 200 euros to replace it. (They replace the whole keyboard it seems). So i took my old laptop and fixed it myself. It's pretty unique right?

I also learned a lesson: Always take a shopping bag to a store where they don't sell bags. Cause i had to bike with the box and that was not easy.

Funniest thing happened:
I used my suitcase as a chair until the suitcase felt over. Can you imagine the rest of the story?

Ik gebruikte mijn valies als stoel tot ze omviel. De rest kan jezelf aanvullen.:) 

Dick bracke - IQ 140                             Incendiary 
Stephen King- Joyland.                         The curious case of Benjamin Button.
                                                         Keeping mom.

And this was my January. Sounds like a good month right? I really had a good month. I became way more positiver and I'm ready to live life right. 
See you soon for another blogpost! 

Ps: I also had my first for fun photo shoot! Still learning! 

How was your January?

* Dutch shop where you can buy different kind of things. 
**Books and movies.

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  1. Ziet eruit als een fijne maand! En haa, het idee van de bookies neem ik graag mee naar mijn volgende 'maand in foto'-posts :)

  2. Ziet er uit als een hele leuke januari! Mijn januari was best oke. Op naar de lente!

  3. Ziet er uit als een leuke maand! Mijn januari was een beetje mehh (you know why), maar ik had wel je winactie gewonnen hihi :D

  4. I love the Bookies idea! Creative way of telling us! Your month looks amazing! :)

  5. Oh, interessant, de VRT en die drukkerij!
    En Dexter is inderdaad een zalige serie, maar Scandal is nog meer mindfucking ;-)

  6. Leuke foto;s... Kijk ook eens breaking bad ! Zo een leuke serie.

  7. Seems like a fab month! I love the cute pencil case you made! I can't believe they were going to charge you so much for a key, the white one looks much cooler ;)

    Corinne x

  8. Volle maand, leuke maand zo te zien, mooie foto's en leuk potlodentasje heb je gemaakt!


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