Spring bucket list

Saturday, March 29, 2014

As a small child I was fond of making lists, so why not making a spring bucket list? Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons. So here's a list of things I want to accomplish during spring months. I'm excited to celebrate this season.

1. Have a picnic   
2. Go on a long walk   
3. Make some spring dresses/skirts   
4. Take many pictures outside
5. Donate some things to charity   
6. Prepare the garden for summer  
7. Start another 365 days challenge
8. Dress up for carnival 
9. Visit the barefoot path near Genk     
10. Go to the beach  
11. Fly a kite      

  What are your spring plans? 

Talk to you soon! 
12. Celebrate easter
13.Finnish the semester (no re-sits)
14.Attend a blog meeting
15. Get a new haircut 
16.Have a bonfire 
17.Spend some social time
18. Attend a concert (or music event)
19. Go skating 
20. Bake some cookies 
21. Try out some new recipes
22 Lose some weight


I made a skirt

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hi there!

With a one euro fabric i have made my first skirt ever. 
Trying, measuring, sighing, crying and especially trying not to GIVE up.
And I'm glad i didn't. I love it. I apologize for the bad quality of the photo. 
I have not yet discovered how to have a good focus using a tripod. 
Met een stofke van één euro heb ik dan ook mijn eerste rokje gemaakt.
Proberen, afmeten, zuchten, wenen en vooral niet willen opgeven.

En nu ben ik blij dat ik niet opgaf want mijn rokje is perfect(persoonlijk dan hé). Sorry voor de slechte kwaliteit. Op statief trekken is nog niet mijn talent.


State of things

Monday, March 24, 2014

Listening:  I have been listening to Massive Attack almost daily. The song gives me the summer blues. It's the perfect song to listen while sunbathing. And also Kings of Convenience are part of my life's soundtrack.

Reading: I still haven't finished the book i started a couple of weeks ago. And that book is called A million little pieces - James Frey I hope to start reading again during spring break. Just haven't got time to read.

Pinning: The creative soul in me woke up. I'm mostly pinning some Do-it-yourself ideas. The second popular thing on my pinterest is Vegetarian food. Yes I'm becoming more vegetarian everyday. 

Enjoying: I met some new people on college and with of some of them I'm really having a good time. Playing some tablefootie during breaks, laughing lots and just enjoying our time. I have been scared to step into a new class but I haven't felt new at all. I'm totally one of them. Only I'm older.

Watching: I was looking forward to the season finale of PLL but I'm a bit disappointed. I expected to get more answers. Got to wait until June. I haven't got time to watch more. Beside videos for English. (and those are boring)

Plans: I'm planning to give blood in June. Normally I was gonna give blood a week ago but I had an annoying flue so I wasn't allowed. I'm also starting to work at the radio station in April.(yeah, practice!) And working for school. We made our own journalism blog and I'm working on my own magazine. And last but not least: I haven't finished my 365 challenge because i got to busy with life. Since my life is back on track I'll try once again. 

Thoughts: I'm missing some things right now. So I can't really say I'm 100% happy because a broken heart can really hurt. beside that I'm still happy. Spring has arrived. 
I'm really fine.

-join the discussion-
what are you currently loving/reading/celebrating...etc? do tell! 


#1 Count your blessings

Saturday, March 22, 2014

* Based on the idea on Zilverblauw

Soothing music - owls pajamas - hugging - good hair days - receiving compliments - family time - coffee- catching the train on time - relaxing time -
crazy snaps - me-time - studying journalism - new friends - taking pictures - laughing- being brave enough to change my outfit - sewing - silence - feeling loved - reading - smiling people- spring- perfect pictures - being able to see- 
vegetarian food- home pants - being able to walk and wander - receiving amazing letters - playing music - a clean room - memories.

I'll make this a monthly habit to write my blessings. It helps to keep happy and motivated in this busy life. Enjoy your weekend! 


Vegetarian week 2

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So because I participate in the 40 days without meat I only eat vegetarian. 
I learned new recipes, eat things I never ate before and i learned that life is fine without meat. So to all the vegetarians out there. You can always email me those good recipes or invite me for dinner. I'm excited to learn more about being a vegetarian. Though i would never be a full one(stupid chronic disease). I'm no longer wasting food and reducing my ecological foot print.

Food in the spotlight:

Saturday I myself made ​​lasagna with tomato and zucchini. I really loved the taste though it wasn't perfect yet. I'm proud of what i made. Even my meat-eating grandma wanted to eat my homemade lasagna.

Other non-meat food i ate.
Because I always forget to take my camera, I'm gonna write my favorite vegetarian food of this week. I basically eat some things without meat like a pizza, soup, pasta,.. And i went out for Lunch at my school. I had a meal with stuffed pepper filled with tofu and corn. Jammie! My dad brought me the Spring Salad from a grocery shop nearby. And I ate a homemade fish burger. (sorry still eating fish) We bought some bread and filled it up like Mac do does.

Next week I'll try to cook more. At the end is not important what I eat as long as I don't eat meat. But feel free to spam me your favorite recipe.


Collection: memories

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Over the passed 3 years I have accumulated another shoe box of photographs,notes and letters to add to the 3 already stacked in my old closet. To much shoe boxes right? So my mom gave me a old suitcase to use as memory boxI relived the past when I placed them into their new home.

A letter to myself written in 2012.
As you can see, I have lots of free space to collect more memories. I'm excited to fill the case up.
What about you? Do you collect memories?


Workshop: Veritas

Friday, March 14, 2014


Deze week ben ik begonnen aan mijn vijfde week op Thomas More. De tijd gaat echt wel snel als je over nadenkt. Alle vragen over mijn studie beantwoord ik een volgende post. Maar nu eerst een workshop die ik ben gaan volgen voor een artikel voor school te kunnen schrijven. Vorige week organiseerde Veritas de week van het naaien. Ze willen daarmee mensen aanzetten om de naaikriebel vast te krijgen. De workshops waren bedoeld voor beginners en die kwamen er dan ook echt wel op af. Een beetje sukkelen, wat bijpraten en nieuwe mensen leren kennen. Een super toffe dag dus. Jammer genoeg was ik zo druk bezig met mijn interview en mijn naaiwerk dat ik niet veel foto's nam.

Mijn zelfgemaakte tablet hoes.

// This time I write in Dutch, because it is about a Flemish store. I went to a sewing workshop where i made myself a tablet case. Unfortunately i didn't take many pictures so here are some of them.


Photochallenge week 3

Monday, March 10, 2014

I have been so busy for school that i barely find the time to blog. The challenge is finished but I'm a bit late, so here's another set of pictures. 

16. Listening

17. Symmetry 
18. Road (yes i have the same place as Elisse, but only i noticed it two days ago so i decided to keep it.)
19. Lines (could't choose between those two)
20. Time but not ON TIME!
21. Reading
22. Trash
I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Only 7 more. I feel excited to explore my village and study city more. Guess you'll see more pictures soon.

Have a splendid new week!


40 days challenge

Sunday, March 09, 2014

The catholic church has started their fast-period. I'm joining but not completely to the rules. I made my own little challenge for the next 40 days. (Less then 40 days because I'm a late blogger) 

1. Meat
I will not eat meat the next 40 days! I'll continue to eat fish (1x per week or less) because I have to think about my health. I will still have a lower ecological footprint right? 

2. Candy.
I tried this one last year with my sister and we did not succeed. New year, new opportunities. No more candy or unhealthy snacks for 40 days. 

3. Alcohol
I will not consume alcohol.This is quite tricky. I'm not an addict but sometimes a glass of wine can be relaxing. 

And last but not least, I will try to reduce my ecological footprint. Want to know more about that? Stay tuned! 

Are you doing anything to reduce your footprint?

Dutch video about the 40 days without meat.

Happy birthday

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


On March 2, my blog turned one. Kinda forgot i started to blog in March. I'm really excited to blog more often. I have been trough big life changes so there"ll a lot posts coming soon. I have so many ideas. So stay tuned :) 


201 followers, 115 posts, 1025 comments, 20446 views
Yes I'm happy. When i started to blog i never imagined to be as " big " as i am today. I'm excited to become a bigger blogger. Love you all. Xoxo



Sunday, March 02, 2014

February, less days but busier than the rest of the year. This is how I experienced february. *Warning: overload.

Things i have done:

My sister and I learned to how to dive at the holiday fair and we tried to win a trip but unfortunately we didn't won. Thanks for voting btw!

We had an another family evening with Chinese food. Jummy...
I'm a student again. I'm studying Journalism.

I posed for my own magazine and I'm the worst model ever. (This is a preview)
I have made a new phone case. Hooray for becoming a sewing bee.

I have taken way to many selfies. Sorry not sorry.

I have been a participant in the photo challenge of Elisse.

I have had another AFS camp, got to love them.
Et voila, a little recap of my February. I haven't celebrated Valentine's-day. 

My favorite blog posts: 
5 things i should remember, Photochallenge week I,...
I haven't been into blogging this month. 

Most shocking thing happened: 
While waiting for the train in Bruxelles a beggar asked me for money.
I ignored her and suddenly she hits me in my stomach.  I was totally shocked but happy that i still have my phone, wallet and personal stuff. Those beggar people (they are an organized community) are serious a bad thing.

Reflected in you - Silvia Day                           Beastly

Damn, my bookies list is empty this month. I blame my English teacher and school for that. While things are calming down i mind find some time to read/watch more in March. Any good movies?

Another good month, ready to see what the next months will bring.