#1 Count your blessings

Saturday, March 22, 2014

* Based on the idea on Zilverblauw

Soothing music - owls pajamas - hugging - good hair days - receiving compliments - family time - coffee- catching the train on time - relaxing time -
crazy snaps - me-time - studying journalism - new friends - taking pictures - laughing- being brave enough to change my outfit - sewing - silence - feeling loved - reading - smiling people- spring- perfect pictures - being able to see- 
vegetarian food- home pants - being able to walk and wander - receiving amazing letters - playing music - a clean room - memories.

I'll make this a monthly habit to write my blessings. It helps to keep happy and motivated in this busy life. Enjoy your weekend! 

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  1. Ahh leuk jij hebt ook zo'n overzichtje met kleine geluksmomentjes. Blijft toch altijd leuk om te lezen! (: Belangrijk om te realiseren en fijn dat het zorgt voor een glimlach...tenminste dat merk ik dan :P


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