Spring bucket list

Saturday, March 29, 2014

As a small child I was fond of making lists, so why not making a spring bucket list? Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons. So here's a list of things I want to accomplish during spring months. I'm excited to celebrate this season.

1. Have a picnic   
2. Go on a long walk   
3. Make some spring dresses/skirts   
4. Take many pictures outside
5. Donate some things to charity   
6. Prepare the garden for summer  
7. Start another 365 days challenge
8. Dress up for carnival 
9. Visit the barefoot path near Genk     
10. Go to the beach  
11. Fly a kite      

  What are your spring plans? 

Talk to you soon! 
12. Celebrate easter
13.Finnish the semester (no re-sits)
14.Attend a blog meeting
15. Get a new haircut 
16.Have a bonfire 
17.Spend some social time
18. Attend a concert (or music event)
19. Go skating 
20. Bake some cookies 
21. Try out some new recipes
22 Lose some weight

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  1. I must make one of those list too...and there are many things on your list that I want to copy on my...wonderful dress btw. I'm also happy that the spring is finally here.

    1. Feel free to copy whatever you want, hope you'll enjoy making your list :)

  2. Flying a kite and having a picnic are two simple yet fulfilling things to definitely do in the spring!!
    Lovely bucket list. c:
    Autumn and spring are my two favorite seasons too. ^_^


  3. Het blotevoetenpad is echt heel leuk! :D Maar er zijn wel verbazend veel steentjes daar!

  4. Wauw veel leuke dingen in je lijstje die je wil gaan doen! Ik heb nog niet echt veel plannen op dit moment behalve mijn stage met een voldoende afronden

  5. Leuk lijstje! Ik wil supergraag eens gaan picknicken!

  6. Dit klinkt echt als een perfect lijstje, hopelijk lukt het je allemaal! :)

  7. I think I need to add some of these to my Spring list. I've always wanted to have a bonfire but I don't think that would be possible in my area.

  8. Wat een leuk idee eigenlijk, misschien ga ik het ook wel doen!

  9. Dit is een leuke lijst!! Ik zou ook heel wat dingen overnemen. :) Maar ik ben niet zo goed met het vervullen van lijstjes.

  10. Wat een goed idee zo'n lijst. Woon je in de buurt van Genk dat je het blotevoetenpad aldaar wil lopen? Een kampvuur lijkt me ook leuk, 's avonds met een drankje, iemand die gitaar speelt en samenzang... hahaha LEUK!

  11. We have lots of things in common on our bucket lists! hurray for the spring! x

  12. Veel succes met je bucket list!
    Er zitten zeker enkele zaken tussen die ik ook wel wil doen ;)

  13. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for visiting my blog a few weeks ago. I think "spring" is finally here in New Hampshire, USA. We had a very long, cold and snowy winter! We love to camp, so we will start getting ready for camping trips. We just returned from Kentucky, a quick trip to visit a few of my husbands relatives...Sping has arrived there :)

    @ A Place for Pictures and Memories

  14. Oh my goodness, your list is awesome! I have got to make one of these. Thanks for linking up with us on the TGIF hop. I'm following you :)

  15. What a beautiful green space where that picture was taken! Is it your backyard? Love the list. Things like that help us stay positive. Love it!!

    1. Yes indeed, It's my small backyard :)

  16. I'm a list person too! I'm already working on my spring goals. Planted an herb garden out front, installed a row of Aloe along the side and still working out how I want to landscape the back. Right now it's just dirt and used coffee grounds - because I heard that may keep the neighbor's cats from using it as a litter box. I followed you over from the TGIF Blog Hop. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  17. Mocht je ze respectievelijk afwerken, dan stond picknick terecht op nummer 1 ! Niets is meer ideaal om de lente te vieren dan een picknick.

  18. Love your bucket lists! I have a similar list myself - 22 before my 22nd birthday, which is in June. We share many of the same goals! Wishing you luck with yours :)


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