Sunday, March 02, 2014

February, less days but busier than the rest of the year. This is how I experienced february. *Warning: overload.

Things i have done:

My sister and I learned to how to dive at the holiday fair and we tried to win a trip but unfortunately we didn't won. Thanks for voting btw!

We had an another family evening with Chinese food. Jummy...
I'm a student again. I'm studying Journalism.

I posed for my own magazine and I'm the worst model ever. (This is a preview)
I have made a new phone case. Hooray for becoming a sewing bee.

I have taken way to many selfies. Sorry not sorry.

I have been a participant in the photo challenge of Elisse.

I have had another AFS camp, got to love them.
Et voila, a little recap of my February. I haven't celebrated Valentine's-day. 

My favorite blog posts: 
5 things i should remember, Photochallenge week I,...
I haven't been into blogging this month. 

Most shocking thing happened: 
While waiting for the train in Bruxelles a beggar asked me for money.
I ignored her and suddenly she hits me in my stomach.  I was totally shocked but happy that i still have my phone, wallet and personal stuff. Those beggar people (they are an organized community) are serious a bad thing.

Reflected in you - Silvia Day                           Beastly

Damn, my bookies list is empty this month. I blame my English teacher and school for that. While things are calming down i mind find some time to read/watch more in March. Any good movies?

Another good month, ready to see what the next months will bring.

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  1. Leuke dingen heb je gedaan deze maand! Ik moest wel lachen om die cover preview haha!

  2. Dat is precies de radio studio van de Ham :)

    1. Dat is niet precies, dat is gewoon de studie van de Ham :D


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