Vegetarian week 2

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

So because I participate in the 40 days without meat I only eat vegetarian. 
I learned new recipes, eat things I never ate before and i learned that life is fine without meat. So to all the vegetarians out there. You can always email me those good recipes or invite me for dinner. I'm excited to learn more about being a vegetarian. Though i would never be a full one(stupid chronic disease). I'm no longer wasting food and reducing my ecological foot print.

Food in the spotlight:

Saturday I myself made ​​lasagna with tomato and zucchini. I really loved the taste though it wasn't perfect yet. I'm proud of what i made. Even my meat-eating grandma wanted to eat my homemade lasagna.

Other non-meat food i ate.
Because I always forget to take my camera, I'm gonna write my favorite vegetarian food of this week. I basically eat some things without meat like a pizza, soup, pasta,.. And i went out for Lunch at my school. I had a meal with stuffed pepper filled with tofu and corn. Jammie! My dad brought me the Spring Salad from a grocery shop nearby. And I ate a homemade fish burger. (sorry still eating fish) We bought some bread and filled it up like Mac do does.

Next week I'll try to cook more. At the end is not important what I eat as long as I don't eat meat. But feel free to spam me your favorite recipe.

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  1. Oeh, die lasagne ziet er heerlijk uit! X

  2. Wow, looks really good! That's awesome how you're going without meat for so long. I really don't think I'd be able to do it.

    By the way, I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Find out about it here:

  3. Mmm... lasagne... looks very tasteful!!

  4. Hi Melissa,I love vegetable lasagna. I started making it last year, just for something different and I love the fresh veggies we can get or grow here in the summer. Yours looks delish!


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