A day in pictures

Saturday, April 05, 2014

I have seen this idea on many blogs. When I started this blog I had a part called without words. It's basically the same idea. Only this idea has a picture every hour. This is my March 25th in pictures.

9.00 Waking up five minutes before your alarm goes off. 

10.00 Waiting for the doctor for a blood check. (I hate those.)
11.00 A quiet moment in my day = time for a book
12.30 Waiting for the train in the sun. Blissful.
13.00 In the train on my way to school.
14.00 Assignment: Find a layout as you want yours. 
15.00 Assignment two: Make your own layout in Indesign.

16.00 No time for a break. Waiting for the next class to start.
17.00 Mental break. (Weird selfie ha?)
18.00 Class is over. Time to go home.

19.00 Almost home. (I do need an hour to get home (only after 6) Stupid train schedule).

20.00 Heading to the radio station for my work interview.
21.00 School work and relaxing.
Et voila. My day. I had so much fun making this pictures.
See you soon!

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  1. great photos, it's interesting to see a typical day in photos!

  2. Leuke foto's en leuk blog heb je!! XX

  3. Leuke foto's ! Je hebt een mooie blog !

  4. Gevuld dagje! Ben benieuwd naar je magazine!

  5. Zo te zien een leuke dag gehad!

  6. Great timeline!
    I always wake up five minutes before my alarm goes off, boooo!

  7. Leuk! :)
    Ik wil dit ook eens gaan doen. Laatst was ik begonnen, en het na twee foto's gewoon vergeten!


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