Friday: Music day

Friday, April 25, 2014

The weekend is back. Thank you! I'm happy with my new direction but at the same time I want to do so many other things. Anyway that's not the idea off this post. It's about my music. Be a part of my friday jam. I find posts about music handy. I love to discover new music. The more, the better.

1. Massive attack - Paradise circus
2. Angus and Julia Stone - For you.
3. Digital daggers - the devil within
4. Rhye - Open
5. Balthazar - Leipzig

Based on the Sunday Bliss from Laura

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  1. Wat leuk. Ik houd ervan om nieuwe muziek te ontdekken en de meeste kende ik nog niet. Fijn weekend!

  2. Leuk om zo nieuwe muziek te ontdekken. Liefs


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