365: Week 3

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The days fly by, I have to remind myself to take a picture daily. (Thank god for the reminder on my iphone.) That said, here's another batch of pictures. Soon I'll update you on my life. But first I got to pass this French exam. Arrghhh...

16/365 My earring caused an infection 

17/365  I love Brussels and his dancers.
18/365 Time for summer
19/365 And after a sunny day or two, I'm in need of after sun. 
20/356 And of course, I can't resist taking pictures of Mien

21/365 I had to choice my minor/major for the next year. Which one do you think I picked? (btw: my cursor was just randomly standing somewhere, so don't be fooled by it.)

22/365 Studying for my english test. Hooray, 600 words!

23/365 Concert time. I went to see Marco Borsato (a dutch singer). At this picture He asked us all to light a (phone) candle for those we lost. I loved the concert
Thank you all for being a part of my blog life.
I really love you! (corniness)


Things I dislike

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Many posts are all about the things you love or things that make you happy. Today I'm doing a complete opposite one. Things i hate or dislike. I got to lose my frustrations somewhere right?

1. People who leave their trash, ever heard of mother nature?

2. Loud music on the train, Hello, I want to sit here quietly, thank you!

3. Driving trough the rain. I can't see a thing. I'm gonna die!!! 

4. Having to pee when you are in bed! Nooo! This place is heaven.

5. People who read but ignore your messages. I need an answer please

6. Glued couples. Hello, Can you see me? I'm here too!

7. Disappointing ends. That's the season final? serious??

8. Early mornings. I hate waking up, why do i have to?

9. Being sunburned I wanna be brown, not red!
10. Losing things. Hey, where has my ipod been? Noooo! NOOOO!! Oh there you are!



365 numero deux.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Second batch of pictures. I'm really hoping to finnish this time. I might organize another photo challenge. The more challenge, the better. I'm still thinking about collecting all of this pictures on once place. Tumblr of flickr.. not sure yet.

09/365 How stunning a sunset can be.

10/365 I took some pictures on a parade and I thought this was one is a bit scary. It reminds me of 'he who shall not be named'.

11/365 School has been taking all my time lately.
12/365 From sunny days to rainy days.
13/365 Selfie time.
14/356 Vegetarian cooking. Jummy

15/365 I love making lists. 
I'm sorry if not all of them are interesting but I have been very busy.
If you're participating in a 365 days challenge, let me know :)

To all the Belgian students: Study hard & Good luck! 


Lucky me

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The past few weeks I won 3 different giveaways. Lucky bird ha?

I won a harry potter necklace on vintagirie.

I also won some this really great vintage set on Lore creatief
And last but not least I won this great earrings on Vintage Vendette


365, Here we go again

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm back on track. Once again I'll try to take a picture each day.
Last time I tried I gave up because of personal reasons. 

1/365 I love how she is such an amazing model.

2/365 Scrapbook 
3/365 The best novel ever read. 
4/365 Hair

5/365 A radio day

6/365 Turkish coffee cup

7/365 Got this lovely card from my Danish best friend.
08/365 Watching videos for my English assignment.

A day in pictures: May 5

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time for another day in pictures. A bit different than the other. My day began at 6 am and ended at midnight. So I have not taken a photo every hour.

6.00 am. Waking up isn't easy.

07.00 Sunrise

07.40 Brussels is waking up

08.30 Ex(Hel). I really don't like this course. Only one more test.
10.45 Mister radio is telling us what to do.
12.00 Working in the studio
13.00 Break time. (Thumbs down for being on snapchat)
14.00 Little shoot. I had to take a selfie.
16.00  Session about our choices for next year..argh! Help!
17.00 Having a drink with classmates.
20.00 Cultlclash (a culture event organized by students)
Oops!!!!! I forgot to take a picture!

23.00 Waiting on the last train (Even this one got delayed, serious?)


Refashion: Dress

Thursday, May 08, 2014

A skirt from the thrift store and an old top are making a dress when you sew them together. Here's the result. (Oh btw, a head is over rated right?)

I promise to (third time lucky yeah) take more pictures before and during the work next time. The pink tights are hiding the milk bottles. See you soon


Foolish April

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The fourth month is over. And what a fine month I've had.

In april I...

I had a little shoot with myself.

I also tried to work with some animals. Not always so easy I learned.
My sister and I went to Ghent to interview the great Wiepke. (Soon online on this blog)
We celebrated Easter. Hooray chocolate. 
I enjoyed the spring weather and had some nice walks.
I went to a carnival party and dressed up as Pikachu.
I had a little blog meeting with 3 amazing girls. And Elisse took some pictures of me.

I also had a little diner date with a good friend.
I went to see the carnival parade. I enjoyed every little second.
I had a little haircut.

Most exciting thing happened in March.

I drived for the first time on the highway. With a heart so scared. Suddenly it started raining so hard. .My Dad was calm and told me how to react. I could not see anything but I drove safely. What an experience. :)

Audrey Niffenegger - The Time traveler's wife

(I was a bit a slow reader this month)

The time traveler's wife
We bought a zoo
The broken circle breakdown 
17 again
The hunger games

May the odds be in your favor.