365: Week 3

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The days fly by, I have to remind myself to take a picture daily. (Thank god for the reminder on my iphone.) That said, here's another batch of pictures. Soon I'll update you on my life. But first I got to pass this French exam. Arrghhh...

16/365 My earring caused an infection 

17/365  I love Brussels and his dancers.
18/365 Time for summer
19/365 And after a sunny day or two, I'm in need of after sun. 
20/356 And of course, I can't resist taking pictures of Mien

21/365 I had to choice my minor/major for the next year. Which one do you think I picked? (btw: my cursor was just randomly standing somewhere, so don't be fooled by it.)

22/365 Studying for my english test. Hooray, 600 words!

23/365 Concert time. I went to see Marco Borsato (a dutch singer). At this picture He asked us all to light a (phone) candle for those we lost. I loved the concert
Thank you all for being a part of my blog life.
I really love you! (corniness)

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  1. The days really do fly. Good luck with your exam and then you can enjoy summer!

  2. Nice photos! Love the toes one :) Good luck for exams too!

    Stop by sometime, Sarah x


  3. Fijne update!
    Mooie foto van je kat alweer. Ik denk dat je koos voor radio en print, waar je cursor dus op staat. En ik heb me niet laten misleiden hoor!
    Nog veel succes met je examens hee!

    1. Haha, en waarom denk je dat dan? :D


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