A day in pictures: May 5

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time for another day in pictures. A bit different than the other. My day began at 6 am and ended at midnight. So I have not taken a photo every hour.

6.00 am. Waking up isn't easy.

07.00 Sunrise

07.40 Brussels is waking up

08.30 Ex(Hel). I really don't like this course. Only one more test.
10.45 Mister radio is telling us what to do.
12.00 Working in the studio
13.00 Break time. (Thumbs down for being on snapchat)
14.00 Little shoot. I had to take a selfie.
16.00  Session about our choices for next year..argh! Help!
17.00 Having a drink with classmates.
20.00 Cultlclash (a culture event organized by students)
Oops!!!!! I forgot to take a picture!

23.00 Waiting on the last train (Even this one got delayed, serious?)

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  1. Pff, wat is opstaan moeilijk he?! Een lange dag, maar wel leuk volgens mij. X

  2. Jeroen! Haha zo'n toffe pee! 5 mei was voor mij ook een lange dag, amai! En wa vond ge van de Cultclash?

  3. aw , these photos are amazing :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. Lange dag! Die zonsopgang foto is mooi! X

  5. Leuk om te zien! Haha en typisch van die vertraging, ze kunnen er toch iets van hé ...


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