An exchange story: Meliena

Sunday, June 29, 2014

 Today I give my blog to Meliena. She will tell us about her experience of studying one year in Paraguay(2008-2009).She lived with a host family and went to a local school.

'If to travel is to be a stone skipping lightly over the water, to move abroad is to stop and allow yourself to sink into an alien world, gulping to breathe a different language.'
Mark Jenkins


State of things {6}

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hi there! How have you been lately? I'm back on track with blogging.My blog even got a new layout! Hooray! Summer vibes and all. And what's better to share than what I have been busy with lately.
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365, woop woop

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June is passing by and that means I'm almost starting the 3th month of this challenge. Elisse & Raya are also having a 365 party going on. So check them out! And here we go. Another batch of pictures. Almost summer! wooooop!


48/365 Belgium's first game of the world cup.         And we won! 
49/ 365 My mom is a great supporter too. We had so much fun taking pictures with our lovely Belgian flag.

50/365 This little flower on the train made my day.

51/365 Summer cleaning. I really made a mess.
52/365 Germany! Traveling! (My sister is wearing pants, really I swear.)
53/365 Movie park Germany 

54/365 Playing the keyboard again after two years. 
55/365 A little market in my small village (with horses and animals)

This summer I will work on my photography skills, so stay stunned! I'm so excited to learn more and produce better pictures than today. 
With love,Mel!


The bucket list: Blood donation ✓

Friday, June 20, 2014

As some of you might have noticed, I made a bucket list! Hoooraaaay! It's kinda my own project. You can help me out or help me to find other crazy things to do. Live your life and that's what I'm trying to do :) Now back to this wonderful post! I managed to scrap something from my list.

I have been postponing this for years. Last week a friend called and asked me to go with her. I said yes because I remembered I had to do it for the list. 

Arriving there made me feel good, my blood might save someone, someday.

The doctor asked me questions and everything went fine. He asked me 3 times the same question "Have you traveled lately?" I said no, no and no. If he wants me to travel so badly, he is allowed to pay me a flight. I gave some blood away and it felt good. Well mentally you know :) 

" You're done", said the nurse. And she took everything away. I went for a drink like she told me when people started to vanish. I tried to get them back but my eyes were no longer working. My friend realized something was wrong so before I could say a thing, two nurses were pulling me on a bed. And they took care of me. Ha! That's a good story right? Seems my blood pressure went down in a couple of seconds and I was in the progress to pass out. 
But that all I said. After twenty minutes I started to feel better and I can finally say that I gave blood! Brave ha? I'm excited to scrap more items of my list! See you soon! Have a good weekend! I'm off to Germany.


365: Final week

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

No, it's not the end of my challenge. The pictures here are taken during my finals weeks. But the end of this semester is near. Almost summer. Here we go with another batch of pictures. 

40/365 Experiment: Lady in red.

41/365 Thunder storm (I tried to take a picture of the storm) 

42/365 A behind the scenes picture haha! 
43/365 I did it! I gave blood! Applause!!! 
44/365 You see those ugly written words? It says HOLIDAAAAAYS! 
45/356 I was a bit sick so I stayed resting, here's a picture of my hand.
46/365 Watching hart of Dixie while being sick in bed. 

47/365 Braids and my really comfy shirt. Hi there! 

And now off to supporter our Red Devils! Go go Belgium! Yes I do like watching soccer. See you soon for a new batch of pictures.


Zinnekes parade

Friday, June 13, 2014

Om de twee jaar is het feest in de straten van Brussel want dan komt de Zinneke's parade buiten. De parade is een feest voor jong en oud, dik en dun, blauw en groen.. bon, je snapt het wel. Gewoon voor iedereen. Dit jaar regende het, toch zie je het geluk op elke foto. 

Het theme van dit jaar was geluk en verbondenheid. Kan jij mij vinden in onderstaande video? 


365: June time

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I might not be able to keep finding original intro's for this post. I should make a great logo or something to share the update. I might spend more time on taking greaties (new word) this summer. 365 days, you say?

31/365 Relaxing while watching some old movies and drinking a beer.

32/365 Finals are coming up! Studying studying. & Hello June!
33/365 My own magazine. Very proud (now waiting the results.I'll make a post soon with all those things I have to share. So no link yet, patient is a good thing haha)

34/354 Letter writing. 

35/365 Feeling nostalgic while watching old pictures.
36/365 Amazing view & and being nervous for my exam.

37/365 My beautiful sister and the sunset.
38/365 The first BBQ of the year! Hooraaaaaay!

39/365 Tanning while reading a book. Perfect day! (Oh can you spot my rash?)

Anyway, I passed by many 365 projects lately. So if you're joining, please link up! :) I would love to check yours! The more, the merrier. See you soon!


Busy May

Sunday, June 08, 2014

5 months flew by. A new study, a new start. May was a very busy month, but I enjoyed every single second of this month. I'm excited to see what June will bring. 

In May ...
After 3 years I finally got to see this amazing woman. We spend our day walking (mostly sitting) around Brussels. 

I took some pictures of this couple (when they still claimed not to be a couple)
I overcame my fear and hold my sister's reptile. 
I did my Radio exam and passed the exam with prominence.(that's what he said.)
I spotted a rainbow and tried to get a picture of it.
I went to the Zinneke Parade in Brussels (I'll blog those pictures soon.)

I finished my own magazine & we made our own news item for television. I have been doubting about my choices for next year. Anyway the magazine will be online soon. So a little more patient for those who are curious.

I went to a concert of Marco Borsato, an amazing dutch singer.
 I also started a new 365 days challenge.
And I publicized my bucket list on this blog now. If you're interested to help me out go and check it out HERE! I would love to make this project work.

The boy in the stripped pajamas
The hunger games : catching fire 
Save the last dance
Marley and me: Puppy years
Spider man: the return
Aanrijding in Moscou

I'm back in the blogging spirit. So expect more the next days/weeks/months. I got so many ideas to blog about.Summer is almost here and I'll make it a good one. How was your may?