365: Final week

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

No, it's not the end of my challenge. The pictures here are taken during my finals weeks. But the end of this semester is near. Almost summer. Here we go with another batch of pictures. 

40/365 Experiment: Lady in red.

41/365 Thunder storm (I tried to take a picture of the storm) 

42/365 A behind the scenes picture haha! 
43/365 I did it! I gave blood! Applause!!! 
44/365 You see those ugly written words? It says HOLIDAAAAAYS! 
45/356 I was a bit sick so I stayed resting, here's a picture of my hand.
46/365 Watching hart of Dixie while being sick in bed. 

47/365 Braids and my really comfy shirt. Hi there! 

And now off to supporter our Red Devils! Go go Belgium! Yes I do like watching soccer. See you soon for a new batch of pictures.

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  1. cute photos...the one with the storm looks great...and I really like the last one, the one with braids.

  2. Nice post and selection of photos :)
    Stop by sometime, Sarah x


  3. leuke foto's ik ben ook bezig met een 365 project. Kom maar eens kijken op mijn blog daar staat wel een link naar mijn 365 dagen project!

    Liefs Cynthia

  4. Mooie foto's!
    Die foto van de storm is mijn favoriet van de reeks!
    en ook wel die met je vlecht


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