Busy May

Sunday, June 08, 2014

5 months flew by. A new study, a new start. May was a very busy month, but I enjoyed every single second of this month. I'm excited to see what June will bring. 

In May ...
After 3 years I finally got to see this amazing woman. We spend our day walking (mostly sitting) around Brussels. 

I took some pictures of this couple (when they still claimed not to be a couple)
I overcame my fear and hold my sister's reptile. 
I did my Radio exam and passed the exam with prominence.(that's what he said.)
I spotted a rainbow and tried to get a picture of it.
I went to the Zinneke Parade in Brussels (I'll blog those pictures soon.)

I finished my own magazine & we made our own news item for television. I have been doubting about my choices for next year. Anyway the magazine will be online soon. So a little more patient for those who are curious.

I went to a concert of Marco Borsato, an amazing dutch singer.
 I also started a new 365 days challenge.
And I publicized my bucket list on this blog now. If you're interested to help me out go and check it out HERE! I would love to make this project work.

The boy in the stripped pajamas
The hunger games : catching fire 
Save the last dance
Marley and me: Puppy years
Spider man: the return
Aanrijding in Moscou

I'm back in the blogging spirit. So expect more the next days/weeks/months. I got so many ideas to blog about.Summer is almost here and I'll make it a good one. How was your may?

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  1. Joepie, proficiat met uw radio-examen! Da's toch al fijn hé, dat er minstens één examen goed ging ;) Succes nog met de rest en het magazine!

  2. Ook hier was mei druk druk druk. Leuke foto's!

  3. Woah, well done on holding that reptile because I would never do that! They creep me out too much :P

  4. (met her risico uitermate creepy te klinken) ik heb u gezien op de zinnekesparade! ik denk dat het op de grote markt was, maar gij liep de ene kant op en ik de andere :)


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