State of things {6}

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hi there! How have you been lately? I'm back on track with blogging.My blog even got a new layout! Hooray! Summer vibes and all. And what's better to share than what I have been busy with lately.
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Listening: Daugther - Run

 Er ist wieder dar - Timus Vermes

The FIFA cup. Goooo Belgium       

Photography ideas & outfits 

Summer is coming up. I'll be working from July 1 till 31.
I might take some travels and some little festivals. This is gonna be my summer. I'll enjoy every single day.

Thoughts: '
Life is just as fun as you make it.'

Yes it is. I learned that life is how you make it. Coming from a hard depression, this is serious a brave thought for me. I believe I can be happy!

See you all soon, enjoy the summer!

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  1. Mooie lay-out! Fijn dat je weer terugbent :)

  2. aw enjoy your summer Melissa.

  3. I'm liking the new look!

  4. I'm loving the Fifa Cup too! I can't wait until the game tomorrow!!


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