The bucket list: Blood donation ✓

Friday, June 20, 2014

As some of you might have noticed, I made a bucket list! Hoooraaaay! It's kinda my own project. You can help me out or help me to find other crazy things to do. Live your life and that's what I'm trying to do :) Now back to this wonderful post! I managed to scrap something from my list.

I have been postponing this for years. Last week a friend called and asked me to go with her. I said yes because I remembered I had to do it for the list. 

Arriving there made me feel good, my blood might save someone, someday.

The doctor asked me questions and everything went fine. He asked me 3 times the same question "Have you traveled lately?" I said no, no and no. If he wants me to travel so badly, he is allowed to pay me a flight. I gave some blood away and it felt good. Well mentally you know :) 

" You're done", said the nurse. And she took everything away. I went for a drink like she told me when people started to vanish. I tried to get them back but my eyes were no longer working. My friend realized something was wrong so before I could say a thing, two nurses were pulling me on a bed. And they took care of me. Ha! That's a good story right? Seems my blood pressure went down in a couple of seconds and I was in the progress to pass out. 
But that all I said. After twenty minutes I started to feel better and I can finally say that I gave blood! Brave ha? I'm excited to scrap more items of my list! See you soon! Have a good weekend! I'm off to Germany.

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  1. Yeah! You rock! Super goed gedaan. Je mag echt trots zijn op jezelf. Je hebt het maar mooi gedaan. x

  2. Leuk! Ik stel dat ook al jaren uit, spijtig genoeg.

  3. Goed bezig hoor! Ik val altijd flauw na bloed afname dus doe er niet aan tenzij het nodig is voor onderzoek! Ik ben een echt watje hihi!

    Liefs Cynthia

  4. I wanted to give blood for years and then I eventually found somewhere near me that I could go to. I had to wait a few years because I was always under the weight criteria but when I was over I knew I had to go and give blood. The whole experience was good, not nearly as bad as people make out, but it's mostly made out by people that don't give blood in the first place.

    Good for you!

  5. Check check dubbel check!
    Goed bezig Melissa! Op naar het volgende puntje op je lijst!
    En veel plezier in Duitsland xo

  6. Mooi dat dit op je bucket list stond. Meestal zijn die lijstjes heel egoistisch :-) Wat niet verkeerd is natuurlijk! Maar ik vind het mooi dat jij dit op je to do lijst hebt gezet.

  7. thats such a great thing to be on a bucket list, I must get round to doing this! good on you! xx


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