Guestblog: Cyclist are handsome too

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some time ago I wrote a post about the lovely players in the Fifa cup. Katrien from the blog new york excuse replied with the most handsome cyclists.(Those who joined the tour de France) So let's see if they can beat my hotties from the Fifa.Here we go! 


365: Latest update

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I finally have some time to write some blog posts.
I haven't read your blogs in a while. I promise to catch up after work.
I hope you're having a great summer break.
Here's the latest update on my challenge.

75/365 Turkish luck

76/365 Little creeper

77/365 And once again, Rainy days! 

78/365 The sky has been amazingly beautiful 

79/365 Black and white selfie! (I got to cut my hair soon) 

80/365 Little sister got back! Hooray! (Yes, we cried!)

81/365 I'm loving life with this cutie's! 


With love, Melissa!


August PHC

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Time for another challenge. I present you the August Photo Challenge 
you take one photo each day, but are free to choose a theme out of the list. At the end of August you're supposed to have 31 pictures.

The more participants, the more fun. Join this challenge by linking up. You can either choose to update us daily or weekly. Any questions? Shoot!


365: Busy days!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm out of scheduled posts. Booh busy days! 
Two weeks behind in my 365 days update.
Here's a little catch up. 

68/365 Rain, rain rain! 
69/365 Days of happiness. Happy thoughts.
70/365 Starbucks

71/365 The club(disco) near my house organized a BBQ to keep us happy.
72/365 Sleeping beauty 
73/365 Cutest dog in the world. Yes he is!
74/365 Hooray, my dad is celebrating his birthday 

How have your summer been so far?

Fifa cup: The eye wants some too.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fifa cup run to an end today with the exciting finale. Unfortunately without the Belgians. But I am proud of how far they managed to get, for the first participation in the Fifa cup. Many woman are watching the Fifa because they have to or because the proud for their country. And there were some hotties too. Here are the handsome players passing my revue. 
(Sorry for picking so many Belgians, but we are having some handsome players.)

1. Dries Mertens - Belgium
Source: wk.voetbalkrant
2.Benedikt Howedes - Germany
Source: Brazil14

3. Erik Drum - Germany 
4. Mattia De Sciglio - Italy 

5. Adam Lallana - England 

6. Joël Veltman - The Netherlands 

7. Thibault Courtois - Belgium 

8. Jan Vertonghen - Belgium

9. Eden Hazard - Belgium
(Tania picked him) 

10. This last one is different from all above, but I like him
Kevin De Bruyne - Belgium (please stop saying he is cute, he is handsome, not cute!)

Little side note: I do not own any of those pictures, I just found them on google which is not a good source I know. 

And now off to cheer for GERMANY!        (At least our colors are still in the cup)


June, where are you?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

This year is passing by so fast. Things are changing and life is between good and bad. June has been a little bit boring so this recap is a short one.
And now off to how I  experienced the 6th month of the year.

In June I...

>> I went to see the Red devils play on a big screen. We are out of the game now but I'm still very proud of this amazing team and what they have managed. And they did something politics can't. They brought us all closer. I'm a big fan of Belgian as a country. So no splitting up for me.              

>> I finally gave blood after years of postponing. 

>> I have been studying and finishing deadlines.

>> I enjoyed some lazy summer days

>> We had our first BBQ of this season. Thank god for summer.

>> I had a little day off with my grandma to see monkey's and walk on markets. She is serious fun to hang out with. I love her!

>> I went on a trip to Germany with my family.


Moment of the month
Watching the fifa cup. I enjoyed every little moment and I'm still rooting for Germany. Sooo come on Germany.

I forgot to write down the movies I have seen this month. Oops, I haven't read any book either. 

I mostly had some fun days with my family and spend some time studying. I haven't been taking pictures much this month. I'll do my best in July again.


365: Update

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I have reached the third month for this challenge.
I took a picture every single day. Sometimes I wonder: Why?
Until I realize, It's just a fun challenge.
Have you checked my buddies yet?

Btw: I'll host a photo challenge in august so keep in touch to join.

56/365 I got this really great bracelet from a really lovely pen-pal

57/356 a little crooked, the poster fell off the wall
58/365 Angry Selfie (I suck in taking pictures of myself.)

59/365 last day with the sister, acting like nut heads! 

60/365 My sister left for 3 weeks Turkey, just like I did last year.

And I saw this guy leaving to Brazil. 

61/365 I finally wrote and send some letters. One to my best friend and one to a new penpal. I'm excited to get back on writing after work.

62/365 Belgian played the USA, so the American flag had to leave my phone for a night. I have been a Red devils fan for years. The new generation is only making me more proud of my country than I was before. And crushing on the players is just so much fun! #hotties! Hello July!
63/365 And here's she is once again, my lovely cat! I love how she adores the camera. As soon as I hold the camera she is asking for attention. Little model.
64/365 Colruyt Selfie! (In July I'm working in a supermarket.) 

65/365 Good morning, working at 7 am, not a big fan of this morning shifts.

66/365 A little skype date with my younger sister who is currently loving life in Turkey. I can't believe she grew up so fast to be such an awesome young woman. I'm a very proud sister.

67/365 There's a car event outside my house. I don't like the noise sorry.
Voila, I'm up to date again. I'll be back soon for more of this 365 days. How have you been? How is your summer going?