365: Latest update

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I finally have some time to write some blog posts.
I haven't read your blogs in a while. I promise to catch up after work.
I hope you're having a great summer break.
Here's the latest update on my challenge.

75/365 Turkish luck

76/365 Little creeper

77/365 And once again, Rainy days! 

78/365 The sky has been amazingly beautiful 

79/365 Black and white selfie! (I got to cut my hair soon) 

80/365 Little sister got back! Hooray! (Yes, we cried!)

81/365 I'm loving life with this cutie's! 


With love, Melissa!

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  1. Leuke fotos je huisdiereen zijn echt cute!

  2. That eye stands for Greek luck too... which is odd as I know the 2 countries are notoriously a rival to each other!
    Love the animal pictures!


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