365: Update

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I have reached the third month for this challenge.
I took a picture every single day. Sometimes I wonder: Why?
Until I realize, It's just a fun challenge.
Have you checked my buddies yet?

Btw: I'll host a photo challenge in august so keep in touch to join.

56/365 I got this really great bracelet from a really lovely pen-pal

57/356 a little crooked, the poster fell off the wall
58/365 Angry Selfie (I suck in taking pictures of myself.)

59/365 last day with the sister, acting like nut heads! 

60/365 My sister left for 3 weeks Turkey, just like I did last year.

And I saw this guy leaving to Brazil. 

61/365 I finally wrote and send some letters. One to my best friend and one to a new penpal. I'm excited to get back on writing after work.

62/365 Belgian played the USA, so the American flag had to leave my phone for a night. I have been a Red devils fan for years. The new generation is only making me more proud of my country than I was before. And crushing on the players is just so much fun! #hotties! Hello July!
63/365 And here's she is once again, my lovely cat! I love how she adores the camera. As soon as I hold the camera she is asking for attention. Little model.
64/365 Colruyt Selfie! (In July I'm working in a supermarket.) 

65/365 Good morning, working at 7 am, not a big fan of this morning shifts.

66/365 A little skype date with my younger sister who is currently loving life in Turkey. I can't believe she grew up so fast to be such an awesome young woman. I'm a very proud sister.

67/365 There's a car event outside my house. I don't like the noise sorry.
Voila, I'm up to date again. I'll be back soon for more of this 365 days. How have you been? How is your summer going? 

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  1. What a cute kitty! I can't ever remember the last time I had wrote a letter, unless you count writing in the christmas cards!

  2. Leuke foto's!
    Ik ben benieuwd naar je challenge voor augustus :).

  3. Fijne update!
    En groot gelijk dat je je hoesje met de Amerikaanse vlag even van je gsm haalde ;)


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