June, where are you?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

This year is passing by so fast. Things are changing and life is between good and bad. June has been a little bit boring so this recap is a short one.
And now off to how I  experienced the 6th month of the year.

In June I...

>> I went to see the Red devils play on a big screen. We are out of the game now but I'm still very proud of this amazing team and what they have managed. And they did something politics can't. They brought us all closer. I'm a big fan of Belgian as a country. So no splitting up for me.              

>> I finally gave blood after years of postponing. 

>> I have been studying and finishing deadlines.

>> I enjoyed some lazy summer days

>> We had our first BBQ of this season. Thank god for summer.

>> I had a little day off with my grandma to see monkey's and walk on markets. She is serious fun to hang out with. I love her!

>> I went on a trip to Germany with my family.


Moment of the month
Watching the fifa cup. I enjoyed every little moment and I'm still rooting for Germany. Sooo come on Germany.

I forgot to write down the movies I have seen this month. Oops, I haven't read any book either. 

I mostly had some fun days with my family and spend some time studying. I haven't been taking pictures much this month. I'll do my best in July again.

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  1. Lang leve luilekkermomenten, zon en eerste bbq's!


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