Spring bucket list: Done!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Summer has started. Really? Already? Where did spring go? Anyway. Time for an update on the list I made at the beginning of Spring season. Here we go..

1. Have a picnic   
2. Go on a long walk   
3. Make some spring dresses/skirts   
4. Take many pictures outside
5. Donate some things to charity   
6. Prepare the garden for summer  
7. Start another 365 days challenge
8. Dress up for carnival 
9. Visit the barefoot path near Genk     
10. Go to the beach  
11. Fly a kite     
                   12. Celebrate easter
13.Finnish the semester (no re-sits)
14.Attend a blog meeting
15. Get a new haircut 
16. Have a bonfire 
17.Spend some social time
18. Attend a concert (or music event)
19. Go skating 
20. Bake some cookies 
21. Try out some new recipes
22 Lose some weight

3. Yes, I did made a dress, a skirt and I refashioned some clothes! Hooray!!

6. We even had our first BBQ of this season. The garden is ready to use!

8. I dressed up as Pikachu and had a bless.

14. I had a small blog meeting with three amazing girls.

15. I got a haircut, from now one my hair has a froe froeke (bangs hooray, Yes I do wear 
pants on my head, just because I can.) 

17. Spend some social time.

Blog meets, watching soccer with my friends and going for drinks. Yes M'dm

22. Lose some weight! Yesssssss! I did! I lost +- 15 kg in the last 5 months! how awesome is that? I was a really fatty! 

13. This one is out of the chronologic order of the list because I just got my results a little while ago...Unfortunately.

I'm ready for summer, I'm already thinking of making another list. Those list are helping me to do more with the days. What are your summer plans? Any travel plans? 

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  1. I wish I could go to a road trip to Islamabad this summer , but it's just not possible this year. You looked so cute as a Picachu :)

  2. Bucket lists are the best, for real. Feels so good to check something off! You were not a "fatty", be kind to yourself but I hope with the weight off you have more energy and feel better.

  3. Amai, ben je 15 kilo verloren? Zot! Hoe heb je dat zo snel gedaan? En ging het goed?


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