365: 70'ies!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

75/365 Sometimes the picture don't need any captions.

76/365 Sleepy cat. This is where I found her when I came from work. She climbed under the sheet herself.

77/365 Working at 7 am, I'll never get used to it!

78/365 Cute little present from my sister. 

79/365 Yoga relaxing time.

80/365 I love the sky. I love planes flying over. I always try to guess where they might go. Lately when looking up I thought of the innocent who left life in a war that wasn't theirs..

81/365 Summer evenings are having the most stunning skies. 

I'm a little behind in updating you. In August I'll host the photo challenge so you can join or follow me along. See you soon. 

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  1. O I love summer evenings! It's summer all day and everyday here in curacao. So I love me some rainy days!
    Je kat is echt schattig!!!!

  2. FIjne update! Zo grappig dat je kat vanzelf onder het deken kruipt, schattig!


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