Phc: II

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The second week is over. Time goes fast. Summer is flying by and I may not have the best summer ever, but it is a good one. Next week I'll be on camp so I might not upload the pictures on time, and one week later I'm flying to my holiday destination. I'm excited! That all said: Here are some pictures!

93/365 Forgotten. 

94/395 Enjoy (I had a blast with this dude! He is checking my blog on his phone btw haha!)

95/365 Sign (I'm learning ASL. So I found my new course)

96/365 Handwriting 

97/365 Jobs (A little scary between all those coffins but he is doing a great job respecting the death.)

98/365 Shutter speed (I wish I was standing closer to the fireworks but I kinda felt asleep and woke up thanks to the sound.) 

99/356 Black and white (I love this picture so much!)

Back to studying because I have one exam on thursday and one in september. That's a serious bummer of this summer. See you all soon! 

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  1. Amazing pictures! I must say that you're quite good at taking photo's!

  2. Die laatste foto is echt leuk! "Regen of niet, wij blijven buiten zitten". Die foto's van het vuurwerk zijn ook goed gelukt!


Reacties zijn gemodereerd. Maar maken mij ontzettend blij ;)