Summer list: update

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer has been half way. I'm having many plans left and to be honest I haven't been thinking about the summer list I made. Anyway here's a little update. I'll have to work harder to Finnish the list at the end of summer.

1. Earn some money 
2. Pass my resits 
3. Organize a challenge 4. Get a tan 
5. Travel 
6. Fly a kite 
7. Have a picnic 
8. Start a new course 9. Have a bonfire 
10. Go camp 
11. Learn yoga
12. Try new drinks 
13. Lose weight 
14. Go on a date 
15. Do 3 items from bucketlist! 16. Buy a wreck this journal 
17. Get a (fake) tattoo. 
18. Have a photoshoot 
19. Meet new people and reconnect with the old
20. Drink 1l at day at least 
21. Learn to play soccer 
22. Write a positive thought everyday (July-Sept)

1. I worked in a supermarket in July. Jeej for the money. I need to find a student job for the weekends now. Anyone ideas? 

3. I'm hosting my own photo challenge for august! 

4. Nice try! I'll never get a tan, keep on trying!

11. Everyday I do some yoga. I'm just not as flexible as the teachers.

19. I met some new people at work, but still in for meeting new ones. And that brings me to number 14, anyone tips on how to find a date? 

20. While working I did drink a lot, so I might have been drinking 1l a day. I'll try to keep going. I really need more water in my body. 

21. I haven't wrote them all down, (been drawing, crafting them..) I'll post my blessings this week so you can join the fun of the happiness. 

How have your summer been? I'm excited to hear from you all!

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  1. Dates are impossible to find - cute guys are either married or gay.

  2. wat vliegt de zomer! Hier ook dagelijks yoga, geen pogingen tot bruinen, doggiesitten en werken :-)


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