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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm a little addicted to TV-shows. Yes, I am. Therefore I share 5 toppers (Dutch word for amazingly goodthat you must see! No particular order, all 5 of them are amazing. I included a trailer at each show so you can find more information yourself.

1. Pretty Little Liars
Four girlfriends and one that is supposed to be dead. Yet they continue to get texts from a person named A. Is it Allison or maybe someone else? Who makes life difficult for them? Pretty Little Liars is addictive, exciting and unpredictable. I need answers and I hope to get them in the last episodes of this season.

Fun fact: You should watch it for the great outfits if you don't know what to wear. The liars are wearing pretty clothes sometimes.

2. Teen Wolf 
Number two is about something that I was not a fan of before. Vampires and werewolves. Teen Wolf is about Scott Mcallen, an ordinary boy who gets bitten by a werewolf. It changed his world and he do not wants to become a monster. Yet he finds himself in a aggressive and scary world.

Fun fact: the producer is trying to make it as Utopia as possible by creating a world where being gay or colored is fine.

3. Switched at birth
Switched at Birth is one of those shows that I initially wrote off but ended up loving once I gave it a chance. As you could guess from the title, these two are switched at birth. Daphne (a deaf student) ends up with Regina in a poor neighborhood. Bay is living with rich people and is very well. Their lives become insane after they found out about the switch. 

Fun Fact: You'll learn some sign language!

4. Heart of Dixie
30 -something woman in a crisis in which, she loses her internship and suddenly find herself in a village that stood still in time. Doctor Heart in Bluebell, people don't really like her but she will show them how wrong they are. The drama of teenagers trough the eyes of 30 years old people. I just love it!

Fun fact: Handsome guys will light up your day!

5. Awkward 
Last but not least, Awkward. The teenage problems of Jenna. a blogger who always experiencing the most embarrassing things. Yep, Awkward enough to love. Just a dose of humor, mean people and awkwardness.

Fun fact: Your life seems less embarrassing after seeing awkward

So, this are my favorites, what are you watching?

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  1. Awkward moet ik ook echt weer bijwerken, ik loop volgens mij echt een seizoen achter! X

  2. I'm not much into newer shows but I do watch older ones like Seinfeld and friends. I guess with kids I don't get a lot of time for watching TV :( good review!! I would love to watch some of these :)

    Heel in Mint

  3. Switched at birth is er eentje die ik ook wel nog zou willen zien. Pretty little liars kijk ik al! Nog meer series kunnen er op het moment echt niet bij wegens te weinig tijd ;). Wel leuk om nieuwe series te leren kennen via je post!

  4. I've heard most of these shows as recommendations from others as well, I guess I should check them out!

    I just finished watching the first season of Orange is the New Black and will be starting the 2nd soon!

  5. Ik kijk ook naar PLL en Awkward. Vooral Awkward vind ik geweldig!
    Ik was ooit beginnen kijken naar Switched at birth, maar ik vond het niet zo'n goede serie :)

  6. Wat een leuke blogpost!
    PLL ben ik ook fan van, al loop ik wel iets achter.. niet een super grote fan dus, maar wel fan. Ik had tijden dat ik aflevering na aflevering op een dag keek, omdat ik pas super laat begon met deze serie te bekijken. Maar juist veel afleveringen achter elkaar kijken vind ik leuk :).
    Bij Switched at Birth dacht ik ook gelijk dat ik het niet zo leuk zou vinden. Ik heb wel een aantal afleveringen gekeken, maar niet verder gekeken.. Ik vond 't een beetje overdreven ofzo, ik weet het niet meer precies.
    Mijn favoriete series atm zijn Breaking Bad, die ik samen met Lucas volg, en Dexter, wat hij niks vindt. En wat ik wel jammer vind. Maar ik vind het super leuk :).


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