365: Catch up II

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Finally started to catch up, Here's the second batch of pictures that I still owned you guys.

Next week there will be some new posts online. Firsts things first. Picture time! 

110/365 Our first day in Marmaris. 
111/365 Second day in Marmaris

112/3365 And another day at this amazing place! 

113/365 I'm still enjoying this country
114/365 Booh, back home! Little sister has to go back to school! But we brought some turkish candy and I bought a new phone case!

115/365 At least he is happy to have us home!

116/365 Exam day II. I love this quote!

117/365 Homemade Jam

118/365 Walk with my students.

119& 120 /365 Read this amazing book & watched a movie to cry.

Woohoo! Only week behind. Excuse me for having so many crappy iphone pictures but I just haven't learned to take Nicolas everywhere I go. Now off to chill a bit more before school starts next week. 

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  1. Loving the photos as always! I love jam ^_^ Marmaris looks beautiful and That quote is indeed nice!

  2. Heerlijke foto's Melissa.
    Mooie foto's van jou in Marmaris!
    En wat toevallig! De boekendief lees ik nu ook, zoals je weet, en The Fault in our Stars heb ik laatst ook in de bios gezien! We hebben een goede boeken- en filmsmaak vind ik :).


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