Summer review

Thursday, September 04, 2014

As you might have noticed I haven't made a july or august review. I planned to make one for the entire two months. So here's how I experienced my summer.

This summer I...

I worked my butt off in a supermarket near by. (so for july that was all I did.)

I went to a BBQ hosted by the club near my house. Just to keep us happy. :)

I celebrated my dad's birthday and ate some pie!

I welcomed my sister back home after being away for almost a month.

We enjoyed our national holiday (also with tine from op blote voet)

I started my (sort of) internship at the local radio station. I'm already loving it!

I traveled to Marmaris, I will post a little travel update soon. I'm figuring out some things with the blog firs. So keep in touch :)

I went on a camp with my 18 new AFS-students who arrived to spend a year in Belgium.

I finally had a face-time call with my best friend who lives in Denmark.

I learned how to play soccer, thanks to Summer R. (an update will be online soon)

>> I had a little scary moment this summer when the doctor told me I had a spot that could turn into cancer. I got it all checked up and will get it removed in a couple of a days. The good news is that I'm not sick but I might have more chance to get it later. Let's not worry about that right?

>> And I finally have started to sport and work out again. I learned some yoga, I'm running around like a fool and I go swim very often. Becoming healthy again. oh and I locked myself out :)


>> The rest of I august I have spend behind my book of French. I really wanted to pass my do-over exam. So fingers crossed she did made me pass.

Et voila my summer in a quick recap. Now I have to get back in the blogging/school spirit. How was your summer?

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  1. Leuk overzichtje :D Hopelijk ben je idd geslaagd voor je examen! xx

  2. I love the pictures you take :D


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