5 things: Bussing? No way!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

 I love traveling by public transport, but I do hate taking the bus. Why, you might wonder? Well here are 5 reasons why I hate taking the bus.
Source: Allemaal busjes

one: The bus is never on time. He's stuck in traffic or there are other reasons, but you can not count on the bus if you want to get to an appointment on time. 

two: Privacy or space for yourself? Not on my bus. The seats are close to each other, so the woman in front of you her ponytail swings in your face during the drive. Or on warm days you can exchange your sweat!

three: I always get terribly sick on the bus. Sharp bends, brut brakes, the bus does it all.

fourI just do not know where to get off. Is this my stop? No? The next one, maybe. Oh shit I had to get out in the the previous one. Aaarghhh! 

five: I fall just every time on the bus, room for your legs? Zero! Getting in the bus with suitcases? a disaster. And then I have to show my ticket. And where is the toilet? 'I have to pee!'


OOTD: Falling Leaves

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I present to you.. something I would never imagine myself doing.. but I'm doing it right now. My sister and I took some autumn pictures for fun. And therefore I'm sharing you my outfit of the day.


I serious can't remember where I got all those clothes so here's what I do remember.
Jacket: Taco Dendermonde
Scarf: a present from my grandmother
Tights: Aldi
Dress: C&A
Shoes: Zalando
Bag: Think Twice 

And voila, my first outfit post ever. I'm a noob if it comes to fashion I guess. Life is very busy lately so there might be some silent moments on the blog. See you all soon! 


Hello October

Saturday, October 04, 2014

I'm the happiest in the 10th month of the year. Hot choco, fleece blankets, autumn walks, halloween outfits and so many more. How can you not fall in love with October? In the following post you'll find a wish list and some things I really wanna do this month

1. Ginger hair. I really love the color. I just have to find the courage to really dye it. 
2. Rain boots! I adore them, and I really wanna have. I would prefer a different color or print.
3. Halloween outfits I have to find the coolest! Any halloween parties?
4. An owl carved pumpkin. Adorable right?
5. Giant sweaters. I mean don't we al need them?
6. Autumn photo shoots. Anyone wants to pose or take my pictures?
7. Polaroid printer for your smartphone pictures
8. Beanie Almost ready for winter!
9. Hot choco with marshmallows Just Jummy!

What I would love to do in October:
1. Learn some new recipes and bake cookies 
2. Carve pumpkins 
3. Take a bike ride
4. Eat pumpkins (in soup and stuff of course)
5. Celebrate halloween
6. Have some autumn walks
7. Decorate the house for halloween
8. Watch some scary movies
9. Jump in the leaves and take pictures

There will be so much more, so I made a pinterest board where you can follow my october. Let's make this a really cool one.  What are your plans for October? HAPPY OCTOBER! 


Bye September, See you later

Friday, October 03, 2014

9 months have passed by. Serious time is going way to fast. I do sometimes wish I could be a little kid, playing with barbies and going to middle school again. Now I'm a 22 years old studying journalism, single and not knowing how life will go. Anyway that's not what I was supposed to blog about. Here's a wrap up of my September 2014

In september I...
> I been on another AFS camp (And my hair looks terrible on this picture)


Read-A-Thon Wrap up

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

As I mentioned before I was planning on joining my first Read-a-Thon ever. My goals were harder than I thought they were gonna be:
- Read 3 books this week
 (one of my wish list, one random and one recommended) 

- Read parts of the book during train time. 
- Try to read at least 150 pages each day.

So let's see how I ended up. I didn't finished reading everything I wanted to read. I read two books and I didn't end up reading 150 pages each day. (maybe 100) But I did managed to ready on every train moment last week.
Books I read: 
One recommended book: 
Damn, I loved the book! Thanks to all of you who told me to read this one! I did read 150 pages everyday of this book. I just couldn't stop reading. Great storyline! 

One of my wish list: 
- Man and wife (Harry Silver)
Never thought this book would read so easily. I wanted to read it for a while and now I finally did, I do not regret. Humor, real life and so much living going on this book. 

I may not have ended up reading as much as I planned to. I did enjoyed the reading more. Though I prefer to read on my own tempo. Great experience and I might join another soon! Thank you Verbeelding for hosting. Now back to bed to get better! Stupid flue!