5 things: Bussing? No way!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

 I love traveling by public transport, but I do hate taking the bus. Why, you might wonder? Well here are 5 reasons why I hate taking the bus.
Source: Allemaal busjes

one: The bus is never on time. He's stuck in traffic or there are other reasons, but you can not count on the bus if you want to get to an appointment on time. 

two: Privacy or space for yourself? Not on my bus. The seats are close to each other, so the woman in front of you her ponytail swings in your face during the drive. Or on warm days you can exchange your sweat!

three: I always get terribly sick on the bus. Sharp bends, brut brakes, the bus does it all.

fourI just do not know where to get off. Is this my stop? No? The next one, maybe. Oh shit I had to get out in the the previous one. Aaarghhh! 

five: I fall just every time on the bus, room for your legs? Zero! Getting in the bus with suitcases? a disaster. And then I have to show my ticket. And where is the toilet? 'I have to pee!'

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  1. Oh boy, don't tell me about it :D I missed my stop a million times. How fucking hard is it showing your ticket and go to your seat while the bus is pulling up...

  2. Aah ik heb dat ook altijd als ik een bus moet nemen die ik nog niet eerder genomen heb, dat ik niet weet waar ik eruit moet en vervolgens te vroeg druk, dan de enige ben die eruit moet (terwijl ik er dus eigenlijk niet uit moet) en toch maar ga omdat ik het anders voor schut vind dat ik voor neits op dat knopje heb gedrukt. Ramp. X

  3. One, two and four: definitely! :-)

  4. Heel herkenbaar! Ik hou ook niet zo van de bus al komt de bus vaker op tijd dan de treinen van NS haha :p


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