Bye September, See you later

Friday, October 03, 2014

9 months have passed by. Serious time is going way to fast. I do sometimes wish I could be a little kid, playing with barbies and going to middle school again. Now I'm a 22 years old studying journalism, single and not knowing how life will go. Anyway that's not what I was supposed to blog about. Here's a wrap up of my September 2014

In september I...
> I been on another AFS camp (And my hair looks terrible on this picture)

> I joined my first Read-A-thon

> I had some quality time with my dad (who do not like to be pictured online) 

> We celebrated my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday! 

> I had my first assignment for school and it got published on a Belgian newspaper's website.

> I had stitches :(

> I spend the day in Brussel, and my dog traveled on the subway. He loved it!

> I spend a weekend with my two sisters.
> I had some me-time in september (Watched a movie by myself and went for a coffee)

> I went to the hair dresser after 6 months. He has cut to much! :( 

> AFS students rock & I'm sick (season switch)


- The Hundred-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared. - Jonas J.
- Man & Wife - Tony P.
- The road of the dead- Kevin B.
- Catwalk - Dirk B.

And this was my september. Now off to the coolest month of the year! OCTOBER. how was your september?

Honeymoon for one.
Snow white and the huntsman
If i Stay
The Fault in our stars

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  1. Aww I am sure you'll make the most out of life. So many best wishes for you :)


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