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Monday, October 06, 2014

Listening: I'm currently listening to this chill music such as Renéé, Tango with Lions, The tallest man on earth, Angus and Julia stone and so much more. I'm calm whenever I listen to those artists. I also love Boom Clap and Bailando. I'm even liking Ariana Grande's music. Check it out for yourself in the playlist I created. Any suggestions for good music? Let me know in the comments.

I'm currently not reading a single thing, but on my desk there is a book waiting. I"m gonna read The Vanishing Point from Val Mcdermid. Hooray!

Pinning: I'm all in the October mood & I'm changing my closet and my style completely. 

Watching: Last movies I have seen where The 100-year old men who climbed out of the window and disappeared & Brave. I'm planning to see The Hobbit and some tv-shows I'm following such as Faking it & Awkward. All the others are in Seasons break.. Booh! 
Plans: I'm currently following a first aid class. I'm also busy with college and work. I have a freelance internship at a local radio station in my village which I love to do. So all my plans are going great! I planned to have a little date with some people, so you might read about those later. Am I up to something else? Nope don't think so :) 

Celebrating/Feeling good about: Birthdays! My sister had her 18th birthday in September and now upcoming is my Bonus-grandfather. Party time! I feel very good about the fact that last year this time I became depressed. Now, one year later I'm totally positive and fine. :) 

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what are you currently loving/reading/celebrating...etc? do tell! 

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  1. Hey Melissa, ik luister op dit moment naar je playlist, dat eerste nummer vind ik al supermooi en de clip is geniaal !
    Dikke mercie dus !

  2. Thanks for adding the playlist, I love chilled music so I'm glad to have found some lovely new songs to add to my ipod! Doing a first aid course is great, I have an illness which could cause me to have a fit at anytime so I'm always so pleased when I hear people taking steps to being a first aider. Enjoy your week! :)


  3. Melissa, you've got an amazing taste in music..either that or we just have the same taste in music hahaha! :p And some of your pins are just gorgeous!!! Especially that yellow skirt and denim paiting!!! :) When it your gramps' birthday? <3 :)

  4. Brave vind ik echt een fantastische film! Ik wil die van de 100-jarige oude man ook nog wel zien, lijkt me leuk. X

  5. Hi Melissa!

    Omdat ik je een natuurlijke hipster vind heb ik je blog genomineerd voor de sunshine blogger award :-)


  6. Wat goed dat je een eerste hulp les doet! Ik moet ook echt eens naar Ariana Grande luisteren.

  7. really? same here ! I have a book waiting for me to read it. I'll probably start tomorrow. It's a thick one and I have to finish it for school. So I hope it's a good one otherwise it will be hard to finish. I like the song btw :)


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