5 of my book boyfriends

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Books have different characters. Some make us angry, irritate us, or we fall for them. Tiffany from the Endless Bliss blog shared her 7 book boyfriends. Thanks to her this post is created. Only I'll share 5 of my book boyfriends. Here we go.

5. Augustus Waters
 The fault in our stars by John Green
How can you not fall for him? Charming, sweet and always saying the right words. Every girl should have an Augustus in her life. He has the power to make every girl feel special.

4. James Frey
A Million Little Pieces by James Frey 
This character made me fall in love with him because he had the power to get clean and he was a hero to the girl in the same institute. Sometimes bad boys can turn good. And that's without a doubt the case in the life of James Frey. From drug user to cute lover. Yes He is one my crushes!

3. Devin Jones
Joyland by Stephen King
A little hero in a student boy. Heroes are always my favorite characters. He also has some things in common with me. Like taking a year off to live your dreams. (Plans that might come true) and he is friendly and loving character. I can't really say why I like him but if you read the book you might understand why is on my book boyfriends list.

2. Harry Potter
Harry Potter by JK.Rowling 
I'm undoubtedly for Harry himself. The boy with the courage that always chooses the good.Throughout the story, he is a fighter, and so that might suit me perfectly. Though I also thought of George, My Harry Potter crush is Harry himself.

1. Henry Detamble
The Time Traveler's wife by Audrey Niffenegger 
Oh Henry, Traveling trough time and falling in love with a girl. Yes I felt in love with his character more than once. He is cute, friendly and he has a sense of romantic. I wouldn't mind him not being there whenever I need him. So yes I would love to be the Time Traveler's wife :)

And, what about you? Who are your book boyfriends/ girlfriends?

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  1. I could not agree more with Henry Detamble! He's probably my favourite fictional character, I love this idea of book boyfriends and great to know yours!

  2. I loved the James Frey book, but the second book was such a dissapointment.
    I read it years ago, I believe the awesome character he meets in rehab is named Leonard? Well, the second book was all about Leonard... And it just did not grab my like his first book.

  3. I also love Henry! Although I'd rather avoid the tragic ending. :(

  4. Joyland heeft inderdaad een goede boyfriend. Het was een heel ander boek dan ik had verwacht (vooral gezien de schrijver) maar ik vond het echt een heel goed verhaal met fantastische personages. X

  5. Augustus Waters vind ik zo schattig en lief!

  6. Oh my! this is so interesting!!! I have a book boyfriend too but he's not on your list. Maybe you know him, he's Dorian Gray hahahaha we're young forever lol

    love lots,



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