Bye Bye October

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Each month I look back on the past month. Here's a little recap of my october. 
It passed by so fast. See you next year.

In October I.. 

+ I had my first aid exam which I nailed by the way! I passed the exam hooray!

+ I finally met my penpal Mary from the states. We spend a whole day in Brussels and Mary & her friend Jessica stayed at my house for a night. 

I spent some time in the radio studio, where I have my own show on Friday evening:) I also worked on saturday in the supermarket. Hooray for money!

I went ice-skating with my AFS-chapter. I love my kiddos!

I had some good and bad hair days.I also dyed my hair red but it didn't last long.

My family and I celebrated a little bit of halloween. Which you can read all about in this post.

I was to busy to read books so I only have one, and I can't really remember which movies I watched. Most of october I just watched them on television, so if it was on. I saw it :) For November I'm forcing myself to write everything down. So next month there'll be a full update. 

The Vanishing Point - Val Mcdermid 

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  1. Hi dearest! thank you for visiting my blog!! So glad of the happy things going on in your life, and yes meeting your friends!!! that's is really cool!!!
    I hope I could meet you someday too heehhe <3

    love lots,


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