Throwback Thursday: Poland

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Time goes by, and only memories stay. Pictures are always a good way of remembering the beautiful moments in life. Let's move back in time to thousand ten where I moved to Poland for a month.
July 2010, I finally arrived in Poland after traveling all day. I was eighteen by then and I had never traveled alone before. My first time in a plane to a country I didn't even speak the language of. I arrived and my mentor told me I was gonna live with roommates in a small flat.(My flat was next to the pub on this picture) My roomie was from Litvania. The other were all boys from Turkey, Latvia & Macedonië. They were really awesome. Their were a lot of other volunteers in the village too. They all lived in flats, just like I did. From a spoiled teenager in Belgium, I suddenly become an adult lady. I cooked my own food, had to clean the flat, had to think about money spending and all.
I worked from monday till friday. I mostly started around 8 in the morning til 2 in the afternoon. I was part of a summer camp for poor children. They tried to teach me some polish words and I tried to learn them things too. We did some really great activity's with the children, such as swimming, forest walks, hiking, dancing or playing games inside the school building. One girl told me she didn't want me to go back home and to be honest I didn't wanna come back either. 
During my free time I traveled around to places such as Warsaw and Wroclaw. The picture above is one of my favorites. Someone took the picture at one of our bonfires at night. After summer camp or the other's project, all of the foreign volunteers came together. The girl you see laying onder my big but became my best friend. We're the same age. She is the best Danish friend I could wish for. Today we're still very good friends. The boy was our Polish crush. (He is pretty cute ha?)

I really can't believe it's already 4 years ago since I did my first foreign voluntary job. I'm still thankful for the chance I got by then and all the friends I met. Without a doubt Poland was one of the happiest months in my life. I grew up fast by the experience of living alone in a foreign country. If you ever get the chance to work in another country, take it with both hands. Poland wasn't my favorite country by then, but now I love every single thing about it. The language (which I can't speak after a month), the people, the culture, the food and the nature. And I as a person changed so much. I became open minded to the world. I learned that you don't need luxury.

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  1. Oh dat wist ik helemaal niet! Fijn dat je de ervaring deelt. Ik heb wel heel hard moeten lachen om deze zin: "I cooked my own foot" ;-)

    1. Eet jij dan geen voeten? Oeps, dat was duidelijk een error in mijn brain! ^

  2. Wat een leuk stukje! Ik heb ook 1,5 maand in spanje gezeten. De tijd van mijn leven!


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