BYE 2014, I Had a blast

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A quick blog post on the last day of the year.
I collected some memories in a video to say goodbye to the wonderful 2014.
In January I couldn't imagine myself saying: 'This year was great.' But now December 31, I can really say my year has been a blast. I met some wonderful new people who are making life way better, I let go of those who didn't and I only been to a funeral twice. May those angels rest in peace.
I'm more confident. I have a super nice job at the local radio,  and I go with working with fun in the supermarket and my dreams are getting closer. Enough blaba. This was my 2014! 


Ps: Yes, I did made a spelling mistake sorry. I made this video in a hurry. 



Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sometimes blog posts do not need much explanation.
Today is my 23th Birthday
and therefore, I share Twenty-three random facts about me.

Random facts about me.

1. I have a very weak bladder, so I have to pee a lot.
2. I secretly watch Disney Channel sometimes.
3. I am a disaster when it comes to dating.
4. I am currently writing my own book (story).
5. Someday, I hope to find a job as radio presenter.
6. Nowadays I am addicted to New Girl.
7. I let my hair grow so I can donate it to the cancer fund and I would still have long hair.
8. I lost +15 pounds in the last year.
9. I am trying to learn Yoga, but find it quite difficult.
10. It's never quiet in my head. I compare it with little people running back and forth.
11. I haven't eat any meat in the last year. So I can call myself a Vegetarian.
12. I'm not in love quickly, but if I'm in love I'm going crazy.
13. I can speak a bit of Italian, but I have never been in Italy before. 
14. I suffer from chronic hyperventilation.(Which is not as bad as it sounds.)
15. I dream every night. Sometimes beautiful dreams, sometimes scary. I also remember them.
16. Sometimes I'm a little hipster.
17. I've never liked my looks, but this year I feel much more confident.
18. I'm bad at receiving compliments, but I'm proud when they call me a worker/good in something
19. Yes, I am a real football chick. I love watching and playing. My favorite player is De Bruyne.
20. My favorite activity is ice skating.
21.I'm a light sleeper, everything I hear.
22. I always try to help everyone, sometimes I have to learn not to do that.
23. I can laugh and be immediately serious when needed.
& I always cry at funerals, even if I did not know the person.

Now I'm off to celebrate my birthday.  Happy Birthday to me!! 
See you all soon.


Pictured: This was Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to all of you.
I hope you had the time of your life.
This was my Christmas Eve (+day) 
Due to privacy reason, I left my family off my blog for once. 

 See you soon! 


The Christmas Tag

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Recently I got tagged by the talented Silke from A Life Lounge  for the christmas tag. I decided to wait until The day of Christmas evening. (This word is made up by W.)  So here we go.
Oh, I also wish you a very Merry Christmas. May all your dreams come true tonight. 

What's your favorite Christmas movie? 

Simple answer! I'm a big fan of The Polar Express!  I wanna watch it over and over again. 

When do you open your Christmas presents?
Well, we have a little tradition of santa claus coming to our house. My father, who is dressed as Santa Claus shares at midnight packets out. So christmas eve is the moment. 

What's your favorite Christmas memory?
 Christmas has always been my favorite memory of a year. But I have some moments that do light up my world when thinking about them. The most beautiful is the call to someone who was in the military in Afghanistan during Christmas. He called us as a surprise.

What is your favorite Christmas meal?
I do not really have a favorite Christmas meal. I really love asparagus soup, which we eat almost every year. And I love apples or pears filled with berries.

What is your favorite Christmas present?

I don't really have a favorite present. Years ago, I already knew what I would get. Since I'm a crazy Harry Potter chick. My dad always bought me the new books or movies. I have every book and movie and many collector items. So Harry Potter, Owls, Foxes or books will always be a win.

Do you have a tradition on Christmas Eve?
One of our traditions is a food one. Every year we eat ice cream cake in the shape of a crib. And maybe our santa claus present exchange. We also create a movie with old Christmas pictures which we watch before starting our dinner. I believe the fun of Christmas, is being with your family.

What is at the top of your Christmas tree?
A star and a peak (I hope you call it the same in English.) 

What do you like most about Christmas?

As you already know, I am often away, I will always return home for Christmas Eve. The best part is being with family.I love the warm atmosphere that hangs over the world. The parcels, eating and socializing. Christmas is my favorite holiday!

What's your favorite Christmas song?
I have three songs that I love to hear. The first one is All I want for Christmas is you from Mariah Carey. I just love the song and this year, I feel the song suits me. (Secrets, don't tell). The second song is Last Christmas from Wham. I don't know why but I do love the song.And the last one is not really a Christmas song, but the girl singing is a good friend of me. So I always get gooseflesh while listening to A cold night in december by Mayken en Ziggy.

Merry Christmas to all of you!


November is gone..

Sunday, December 07, 2014

One year ago, november was the month were I had to overcome my depression. Today one year later, I'm no longer depressed, I'm not the most happy girl in the world yet, but I'm fine. And those are the best words to say. I'm fine! So thanks to all of my friends who were there when I needed them.
And now off to November 2014, here's how I have experienced this year's november.

In November I...

I went partying hooray! COLOR TD's are so much fun! I love colors..

I celebrated 100 years of AFS and met some returnees from different generations. 

Where I live, we have a little tradition called Sint-Maarten. So we celebrated his arriving too.

I ended up with a very painful foot, after I felt from te stairs at college.


I have spent lots of time in the radio studio, where I have my own show! Hooray again! And I enjoyed some me-time in a good bubble bath with a lovely book.

I made myself a cheese-cake and I enjoyed preparing food!

For a college preparation, I went to an expo in Antwerp. 30 years Behoud De Begeerte, where I met Bent Van Looy.

& I interviewed a really talented young men, who is currently working at a national radio station.

Books I read: 
The girl who saved the king of Sweden - Jonas Jonasson
Keep it simple - Kevin de Bruyne

Movies & series I have seen: 
New Girl S1
Awkward S4
Faking it S2
Christmas 100 lights Advent Show Germany

PS: You can still sign up for the Secret Santa Christmas Card, Many already singed up. :) Merry december!