State of things {9}

Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's has such a long time since my last currently.
Let's change it NOW!  (and after writing this post I have to take care of my nails)

Once again I made a play list with my musical addiction. I'm apologizing for the love songs.
If you haven't noticed it yet. I don't really prefer a genre. I like to switch. In this playlist, you can also find the Belgian band Willow, who I'll be interviewing in two weeks. Excited!
Put your speakers on, close your eyes and enjoy the music.

Reading: Currently I'm challenging myself by reading a book in a language I'm not perfect in. Ho Voglia di Te is an Italian love story. I'm so excited to finish it. But it has been harder than I expected it to be.
Someone told me there is a movie too. Maybe I should check that one.. 

I have been pinning a bit to much I'm afraid. I have been discovering now recipes and looks. Also life changing quotes have found their way on my pinterest boards. Photography ideas and even tattoos.  I also created a new board for all those hotties in the world.

Hart of Dixie is back after a 6 month break. I have missed Zoe and Wade to much. I'm also wasting most of my time on New Girl. And the liars are back too. I just need answers this season please. 

I'll meet some new bloggers during our meet up. I'll spend some time with friends. And I hope to go on a date soon. In februari, I'll be interviewing Willow and I'll be back at college. Time to enjoy now.

Freedom is the most amazing feeling ever. I enjoy cooking my own food, long sleeps and relax-time.

-join the discussion-

what are you currently loving/reading/celebrating...etc? do tell! 

Favorites: instagram

Monday, January 26, 2015

Instagram has always been one of my favorite apps.
Beautiful pictures collected in a convenient news feed.
Therefore I share my five favorite Instagram accounts.

  First up is Karlijn. Her pictures are simply gorgeous. Objects, flowers and typografie. You can find her on Karlijnmerle. She is her thousand followers worth.

▲ A wonderful woman who is good at photography. She is creative and puts the gorge in gorgeous.
And have I told you about Merlijn yet? Her wonderful cat. Jadevranken is without a doubt one of my favorite Instagrammers ever.

 ▲  Analogy is her favorite type of photography. Her pictures are stunning. I do not like people taking pictures of their food, but Sanne just has the talent to make them so beautiful that I just love to watch her food. omdatikdatwil

  Snail mailing  and being creative. There are no better words to describe F. Her Instagram is full of art typography and decorations. A bit different with my other favorites. But I love wreckthisgirl.

  Yoga inspiration all over. Georgie is teaching us how to do yoga. She's just my inspiration to keep going. This account is without a doubt one of my of daily habits. If I only would have the same background to do yoga. Unfortunately my room doesn't look like Australia at all.

There are more beautiful accounts online. In a follow up post I'll share five accounts created by friends. What's your favorite instagram account? Do share!


Diary: A week without social media

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday evening, a little impulsive thought is crossing my mind.
No social media for a week.
The only thing allowed is Snapchat, since I do not remember my login. 

Today was very hard. I spent most of my day in the hospital where my dad got into surgery. During the wait, I felt the need to check my account. A drugs addict is nothing against me. I hold my phone, trying not log in. Instead, I started to delete old messages, numbers and pictures. Time was passing by slow. So I had to find other things to do. I studied my exam and finally my dad came back from surgery. When I got home it was already bed time. Day one is over.

Exam day. Another reason to stay offline. I woke up early, studied a bit more and I did my exam. The rest of the day I spent in the hospital, since my dad had surgery again. I talked to my dad's roommate and I didn't use my phone the entire afternoon. After a while I got bored of waiting, so I installed Duo lingo and practiced my Italian and English. I also had a lovely walk trough the hospital. And once again when I got home it was nearly bed time. Or at least that's what my body thought. I went to bed early. (No kidding, I went to bed at 8.30 pm)

I stayed in bed until 10 am. Seems my body needed some sleep. After breakfast I started to wonder who would have messaged me on Facebook and I really wanna check some pictures on Instagram. Unfortunately I need my laptop to practice my exam. So even closer to logging in on Facebook than just using my phone. Music loud and focussing on practicing. My dad is allowed to heal at home. So we have a little welcome party. The only good part about not logging in on Social media is that I have to force myself to do other things. I practiced the guitar after a year of non-playing. And I also went for some yoga-practice.


I have my second exam of this week so I didn't feel the need to log in until after the exam. Being on the train is boring when you forgot to take a book or something to read. I refresh the news app all the time, just to keep myself busy. On the second train, I meet a very lovely girl which made it even more fun to travel by train. No need to check social media. At home, I decided to take a break of life. Relax pants: check! TV-SHOWS: Check! Feel-good-blanket: check! I watched shows the whole afternoon so I didn't log in. Hooray!

Easiest days. Almost done with the week. I created my friday night radio show. We drove our new car and I had some quality time with my sister. I wasn't counting the hours anymore. Just enjoying the weekend and freedom I got. And I watched Boyhood. Sunday evening I logged in again and I was surprised with the high amount of logs and messages. Social media is just a big part of our lives. People will contact you faster online than sending a message.
I'll have 3 more offline weeks in 2015. So stay in touch. :) 


15 before 2016

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Making lists is just fun, and maybe I end up forgetting about the list.
But then I still had fun creating the list. 
For 2015, I created a list that I find achievable. 
And of course I'll complete as much as possible from the Bucket List.

1. Read 24 books
2.  Watch 24 movies
3. Go on a date and maybe find yourself a boyfriend. 
4. Go travel to new destinations. 
5. Learn 24 Yoga-poses and get in shape/fit.

6. Do voluntary work and help others. 
7. Learn a new language
8. Have a photo shoot and feel happy with the result.
9. Skype with 20 strangers
10. Go camp 

11. Write/create thank you/ surprise notes to your friends and family.
12. Go offline for 4 weeks (4x1 week) 
13. Write poems and stories more often. 
14.Make a year review with pictures and film.
15. Extend your limits, Time for adventure.
Have you created a list for 2015? 


List: 2014, How much did I achieved?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Every year I make a list of good intentions. Some will be succeeded, others not at all.
The list for 2015 will be online on Sunday. Now let's take a look at 2014. 
I'm pretty happy with how my year has been.

1. Get a new hair cut. 

I believe in hair changes. Yes yes I do. I have been changing my hair more than once last year.
From side bangs to straight bangs, back to side bangs to letting it grow however it wants. 

2. Read 24 books. 

Almost there, but yet so far. I read 22,5 books in 2014. It was a close call but December was just to busy to read. And I believe that reading should stay fun. I'm ready to challenge myself again.

3. Earn a new degree 
Yes! I passed my first aid exam and I also passed my journalism exam so that makes two. Ready to add more knowledge to my life in 2015. 

4. Have a bonfire
Booh! I didn't found the time, the right place or the right human beings to have a bonfire with. So I didn't had one. Well I'm not gonna die today, so time enough left for bonfires. 

5. Travel 4 times. 
My memory is a mess lately. I can't remember where I have traveled to. I been to Marmaris, Turkey and Germany once. So I guess that makes two times. Not achieved! 

6. Give Blood 
I did it! I was pretty scared before going, but when I arrived there the people made me feel good. After giving blood I did faint but nothing can go wrong when having many nurses around you. This must be the biggest achievement of my year.

7. Redecorate my room. 

8 .Get family pictures taken. 
Not as I planned it. But a timer is a magical invention. I only upload the one with my sister here, since my bonus mother doesn't really like me to put her face online.

9. Sew/knit/craft 15 things.
Where was my damn mind when making this list? I obvious didn't achieved this. But I did made a beautiful dress out of an old bomma dress. (I screwed the gif haha.)

10. Have a snowball fight. 
Thank god for the snow in December. I've been waiting on snow for so long and then suddenly (on my birthday) it's started to snow. My sister, Mary and I played in the snow of course.

11. Watch 12 movies  
I'm pretty sure I did, but don't ask me names since I didn't wrote them down. Goal for 2015: Write down the movies you're watching silly.

12. Donate stuff to charity 
Yeey me! I gave half of my wardrobe to charity, some objects from my room and toys.

13. Be a vegetarian for a week. 
I'm pretty sure I achieved this one, since I'm still not eating meat. One year and counting...

14. Keep growing the blog and have a blog meeting.
My blog has a little bit more followers than at the beginning. Unfortunately I lost some followers, probably those who came for a follow and leave when you don't follow back. I also had a little blog meeting with 3 amazing bloggers. Elisse, Raya & Elodie. 

15. Improve my photography skills. 
It's hard to say if I did or not. I'm not happy yet with how my pictures look, but at the same time I learned to much in the last couple of months. So let's say I kinda achieved this one.

16. Go to a festival 
If small festivals counts, then I did. But when I wrote the list I was thinking about a big one and that's something I didn't do in 2014. So to be honest. I didn't achieved this one.

17. Go camp 
I haven't slept in a tent but I went on some AFS camps, so I say yes.

18. Get a better condition and run around the athletics track.
It has been hard but I did run around it. (for those who don't know me that well. I suffer from Chronicle Hyperventilation, which means breathing correct isn't my thing. And because of that running has never been a fun thing to do.)  But I managed to run around the athletics 5 times without stopping. Jeej me!

19. Get a tattoo.
Let's be honest. I won't get one right? I am just to chicken to get it and I haven't figured out what to get. So I won't post this one on my list of 2015.

20. Make a movie of my year.
When I wrote it, I was thinking of recording my life but I already forgot in January so I made a little recap of my year. Fair enough if you ask me.

21. Make a calendar with self taken pictures 
I just placed my order so I can say I did on this one. As soon as I receive my calendar I'll update you.

22. Go to a dress up party. 
And last but not least. I went to a carnival party and dressed up as Pikachu.

Stay tuned to read about my goals for 2015. 


Motivation Friday: life

Friday, January 09, 2015


New years bring new goals.
More about them soon online. But first, let me share you some of my motivation.

 Years ago I got abused. Back then I blamed myself for what happened. 
Today, I know better. He made a mistake, not me. 
When I came by this quote, I knew this was meant for me to see.
Yes, I did survive the abuse, so I can survive the long recovery too. 

A new year means new goals. 
I found this quote and decided that in 2015, I'll follow this. 
Simple goals, and yet they might be so hard to complete. 

 A while ago, 
Someone sent me this quote. 
Are you really happy or just really comfortable? 
Good point. I'm fine in life but I didn't reach the happiness yet. 
Let's work on becoming a happy woman. 

This doesn't need much text.
Buy a ticket and just leaven.
I already booked one trip, and more to follow in 2015.
More about that soon! 

What's your motivation? 


Pictured: This was my Birthday

Thursday, January 08, 2015

The end of the year is a lot of recaps and throw backs. Sorry not sorry. 
December 27, I celebrated my birthday.
My American penpal Mary came over for a vist and we went Ice-skating. I had a blast.
Here's a little recap on what I got and what I did.

 Meet Mary.

Thank you Raya & Joachim for the lovely cards.

 The card I got from my dad, Anja and my sister. (There is an owl on the bus!)
Thank you Berdien (my sister) & Guy 

Presents, presents.. Don't we all love presents? 

 And of course there was a lot of food.


& I just wanna say Thank you to... 
* Raya for the package which with lip balm, decorations, dolls, tea and ...
* Mom for the sweater, the voucher for food and the stuffed owl. 
* Berdien for the Wreck it Journals and the Selfie stick. 
* Joachim for the reading lamp, the giant bird and everything else in the box. 
* Guy for the voucher for shopping at cloth store. 
* Mary for the peanut Butter.
* God for the snow I have been wishing for since last year. 
Just simply 3 words to all of you: I LOVE YOU!


December, you were awesome!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The year is gone and so is December. 
A month full of laughs, tears of happiness and lots of dazzling sunshine. 
A month were I made choices and I just enjoyed!

In December I....

I improved my radio skills (Random fact: I never wear shoes in the studio.) 

I went shopping with my grandma and sister. (& I bought a new winter jacket)

Rachel (one of my AFS students) got an interview at the national radio station MNM at 6am. (I joined as her mentor. Hooray)

I had a blast with Mr. Wouter & received a nice present from Australia. 

We celebrated my older sister's birthday. (and we made some random pictures)

We supported 21bisforGhana and got our pictures taken. One with the class, one with our teacher.

We celebrated Christmas. You can read bout HERE!

I celebrated my birthday (a post all about that is coming up soon) and I met up with the best penpal in the world before she headed back to the United States. 

We celebrated New Years Eve with the best group of friends I could wish for.

Needless to say: December was pretty awesome if you ask me.

I read one book - Blindness from José Saramago-  and I can't remember the movies I have seen.

See you later!