Diary: A week without social media

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday evening, a little impulsive thought is crossing my mind.
No social media for a week.
The only thing allowed is Snapchat, since I do not remember my login. 

Today was very hard. I spent most of my day in the hospital where my dad got into surgery. During the wait, I felt the need to check my account. A drugs addict is nothing against me. I hold my phone, trying not log in. Instead, I started to delete old messages, numbers and pictures. Time was passing by slow. So I had to find other things to do. I studied my exam and finally my dad came back from surgery. When I got home it was already bed time. Day one is over.

Exam day. Another reason to stay offline. I woke up early, studied a bit more and I did my exam. The rest of the day I spent in the hospital, since my dad had surgery again. I talked to my dad's roommate and I didn't use my phone the entire afternoon. After a while I got bored of waiting, so I installed Duo lingo and practiced my Italian and English. I also had a lovely walk trough the hospital. And once again when I got home it was nearly bed time. Or at least that's what my body thought. I went to bed early. (No kidding, I went to bed at 8.30 pm)

I stayed in bed until 10 am. Seems my body needed some sleep. After breakfast I started to wonder who would have messaged me on Facebook and I really wanna check some pictures on Instagram. Unfortunately I need my laptop to practice my exam. So even closer to logging in on Facebook than just using my phone. Music loud and focussing on practicing. My dad is allowed to heal at home. So we have a little welcome party. The only good part about not logging in on Social media is that I have to force myself to do other things. I practiced the guitar after a year of non-playing. And I also went for some yoga-practice.


I have my second exam of this week so I didn't feel the need to log in until after the exam. Being on the train is boring when you forgot to take a book or something to read. I refresh the news app all the time, just to keep myself busy. On the second train, I meet a very lovely girl which made it even more fun to travel by train. No need to check social media. At home, I decided to take a break of life. Relax pants: check! TV-SHOWS: Check! Feel-good-blanket: check! I watched shows the whole afternoon so I didn't log in. Hooray!

Easiest days. Almost done with the week. I created my friday night radio show. We drove our new car and I had some quality time with my sister. I wasn't counting the hours anymore. Just enjoying the weekend and freedom I got. And I watched Boyhood. Sunday evening I logged in again and I was surprised with the high amount of logs and messages. Social media is just a big part of our lives. People will contact you faster online than sending a message.
I'll have 3 more offline weeks in 2015. So stay in touch. :) 

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  1. Wat een leuk artikel! Wel handig om het te doen tijdens de examens, ik zit elk kwartier mijn accounts weer te checken :(

  2. Doe je goed! Zou ik ook eens moeten doen want zoals je zegt dan ga je echt wel andere dingen doen en er zijn nog zoveel dingen die ik wil doen!

  3. Super leuk artikel! Misschien wel handig om dit bij mijn volgende tentamenweek te doen :p xo

  4. Wauw, ik vind het knap hoor! Echt... een dag offline lukt me soms nog wel eens, maar dan niet in periodes dat m'n leergroep me nodig heeft in whatsapp ofzo..
    Knap Melissa! Leuk dat je nog meer van dit soort weken gaat doen, dan kan je ze vergelijken.
    En wel echt een goeie om dit te doen als je tentamens hebt :D.
    Ik hoop dat het snel beter gaat met je vader.


  5. Ja, dit staat ook nog steeds op mijn to-do-lijstje... goed dat je het hebt gedaan!

  6. Amai, ik vind het wel echt chique dat je volgehouden hebt. Way to go!


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