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Monday, January 26, 2015

Instagram has always been one of my favorite apps.
Beautiful pictures collected in a convenient news feed.
Therefore I share my five favorite Instagram accounts.

  First up is Karlijn. Her pictures are simply gorgeous. Objects, flowers and typografie. You can find her on Karlijnmerle. She is her thousand followers worth.

▲ A wonderful woman who is good at photography. She is creative and puts the gorge in gorgeous.
And have I told you about Merlijn yet? Her wonderful cat. Jadevranken is without a doubt one of my favorite Instagrammers ever.

 ▲  Analogy is her favorite type of photography. Her pictures are stunning. I do not like people taking pictures of their food, but Sanne just has the talent to make them so beautiful that I just love to watch her food. omdatikdatwil

  Snail mailing  and being creative. There are no better words to describe F. Her Instagram is full of art typography and decorations. A bit different with my other favorites. But I love wreckthisgirl.

  Yoga inspiration all over. Georgie is teaching us how to do yoga. She's just my inspiration to keep going. This account is without a doubt one of my of daily habits. If I only would have the same background to do yoga. Unfortunately my room doesn't look like Australia at all.

There are more beautiful accounts online. In a follow up post I'll share five accounts created by friends. What's your favorite instagram account? Do share!

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  1. Wonderful accounts.^^
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. I just made a quick check on Instagram profiles I am following and I have some favorites. You inspired me enough to share with others some of them.
    @diego_the_bengal - I love this cat instagrammer, it always seems like this beautiful cat acts just like my Shadow :)
    @seekatesew - I love her blog so no doubt, she is one of my Instagram inspiration!
    @witandwhistle - Amanda is SO good at different paper illustrations! She has blog and pinterest and Etsy shop as well.
    @iamdanils - I know this guy for years, we have so common friends, but I have never met him. Probably because he is traveling between Baltic states, Russia and Israel all the time! I love to check his photos from different countries and cities!
    @geocachingida - this girl is from Denmark and geocaching in Nordic states. So many beautiful places are discovered by her trips and found caches!
    @logreglan - this Instagram account makes me think that Police work is so easy, fun and playful :) There are many different selfies and snapshots of Iceland's police office workers' daily life. This should be presented as example what Police office could do with an Instagram account!

    And at the end - my Instagram account is instagram.com/aqwiinas and it's my the most favorite one :) Maybe here are some more people who likes it? :D

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. Haha loving your account is just awesome :)

  3. Dit is zo lief! Dankjewel lieve Melissa :)

  4. Ik zag een foto van mij en ik dacht WAT! Dat is ZO LIEF! Wat ontzettend leuk dat ik je in lijstje sta Melissa! :D
    En heel leuk om te zien wie je volgt en waarom, ik ben benieuwd naar fitwithgeorgie :), Jade en Karlijn volg ik geloof ik ook!

  5. Heel erg leuk om te zien! Ik denk dat ik zelf ook maar eens wat meer op Instagram moet kijken, want ik heb wel ooit een account aangemaakt. Ik heb er alleen nog nooit echt iets mee gedaan.

  6. Even gaan bekijken (al volg ik eigenlijk al veel te veel accounts op instagram).
    En love de nieuwe layout!

    1. Haha ik ken het gevoel hoor. Ik volg ook al veel te veel mensen! :)


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