List: 2014, How much did I achieved?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Every year I make a list of good intentions. Some will be succeeded, others not at all.
The list for 2015 will be online on Sunday. Now let's take a look at 2014. 
I'm pretty happy with how my year has been.

1. Get a new hair cut. 

I believe in hair changes. Yes yes I do. I have been changing my hair more than once last year.
From side bangs to straight bangs, back to side bangs to letting it grow however it wants. 

2. Read 24 books. 

Almost there, but yet so far. I read 22,5 books in 2014. It was a close call but December was just to busy to read. And I believe that reading should stay fun. I'm ready to challenge myself again.

3. Earn a new degree 
Yes! I passed my first aid exam and I also passed my journalism exam so that makes two. Ready to add more knowledge to my life in 2015. 

4. Have a bonfire
Booh! I didn't found the time, the right place or the right human beings to have a bonfire with. So I didn't had one. Well I'm not gonna die today, so time enough left for bonfires. 

5. Travel 4 times. 
My memory is a mess lately. I can't remember where I have traveled to. I been to Marmaris, Turkey and Germany once. So I guess that makes two times. Not achieved! 

6. Give Blood 
I did it! I was pretty scared before going, but when I arrived there the people made me feel good. After giving blood I did faint but nothing can go wrong when having many nurses around you. This must be the biggest achievement of my year.

7. Redecorate my room. 

8 .Get family pictures taken. 
Not as I planned it. But a timer is a magical invention. I only upload the one with my sister here, since my bonus mother doesn't really like me to put her face online.

9. Sew/knit/craft 15 things.
Where was my damn mind when making this list? I obvious didn't achieved this. But I did made a beautiful dress out of an old bomma dress. (I screwed the gif haha.)

10. Have a snowball fight. 
Thank god for the snow in December. I've been waiting on snow for so long and then suddenly (on my birthday) it's started to snow. My sister, Mary and I played in the snow of course.

11. Watch 12 movies  
I'm pretty sure I did, but don't ask me names since I didn't wrote them down. Goal for 2015: Write down the movies you're watching silly.

12. Donate stuff to charity 
Yeey me! I gave half of my wardrobe to charity, some objects from my room and toys.

13. Be a vegetarian for a week. 
I'm pretty sure I achieved this one, since I'm still not eating meat. One year and counting...

14. Keep growing the blog and have a blog meeting.
My blog has a little bit more followers than at the beginning. Unfortunately I lost some followers, probably those who came for a follow and leave when you don't follow back. I also had a little blog meeting with 3 amazing bloggers. Elisse, Raya & Elodie. 

15. Improve my photography skills. 
It's hard to say if I did or not. I'm not happy yet with how my pictures look, but at the same time I learned to much in the last couple of months. So let's say I kinda achieved this one.

16. Go to a festival 
If small festivals counts, then I did. But when I wrote the list I was thinking about a big one and that's something I didn't do in 2014. So to be honest. I didn't achieved this one.

17. Go camp 
I haven't slept in a tent but I went on some AFS camps, so I say yes.

18. Get a better condition and run around the athletics track.
It has been hard but I did run around it. (for those who don't know me that well. I suffer from Chronicle Hyperventilation, which means breathing correct isn't my thing. And because of that running has never been a fun thing to do.)  But I managed to run around the athletics 5 times without stopping. Jeej me!

19. Get a tattoo.
Let's be honest. I won't get one right? I am just to chicken to get it and I haven't figured out what to get. So I won't post this one on my list of 2015.

20. Make a movie of my year.
When I wrote it, I was thinking of recording my life but I already forgot in January so I made a little recap of my year. Fair enough if you ask me.

21. Make a calendar with self taken pictures 
I just placed my order so I can say I did on this one. As soon as I receive my calendar I'll update you.

22. Go to a dress up party. 
And last but not least. I went to a carnival party and dressed up as Pikachu.

Stay tuned to read about my goals for 2015. 

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  1. Tof! Wat heb je veel gedaan gekregen van je lijstje! Op naar een nog fijner jaar! :)

  2. Ik heb Joyland vorig jaar gelezen, vond het echt een leuk boek! Wat is je reading challenge van dit jaar? En omg die Pikachu outfit! Onwijs tof! X

  3. Hihi, heel leuk geschreven en die laatste foto van jou als pikachu. HAHA :D echt heel leuk!

  4. It looks like you had a fun year! Even though you didn't accomplish everything, you still accomplished so many things! I'm so jealous of your blogger meet-up! I wish there were bloggers in my area. I can't seem to find any, sadly.

  5. O wat leuk! Ook met al die foto's erbij. Wat heb je toffe dingen gedaan en wat knap dat je je zo aan je lijst hebt gehouden.

  6. Hey, you should come to Latvia! Ok, now is next yaer but still - we can manage to fullfill a couple of these points at once! Like - traveling, blogger meetup (two blogers, it counts!), I will show you some traditional activities here, like bonfires, offcourse, taking a lot of Good pictures and so on! :) Just let me know and I will take care of perfect trip for you! :)


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