Motivation Friday: life

Friday, January 09, 2015


New years bring new goals.
More about them soon online. But first, let me share you some of my motivation.

 Years ago I got abused. Back then I blamed myself for what happened. 
Today, I know better. He made a mistake, not me. 
When I came by this quote, I knew this was meant for me to see.
Yes, I did survive the abuse, so I can survive the long recovery too. 

A new year means new goals. 
I found this quote and decided that in 2015, I'll follow this. 
Simple goals, and yet they might be so hard to complete. 

 A while ago, 
Someone sent me this quote. 
Are you really happy or just really comfortable? 
Good point. I'm fine in life but I didn't reach the happiness yet. 
Let's work on becoming a happy woman. 

This doesn't need much text.
Buy a ticket and just leaven.
I already booked one trip, and more to follow in 2015.
More about that soon! 

What's your motivation? 

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  1. Thanks for sharing us the motivation article....I believe you will achieve the most success in your life!


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