State of things {9}

Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's has such a long time since my last currently.
Let's change it NOW!  (and after writing this post I have to take care of my nails)

Once again I made a play list with my musical addiction. I'm apologizing for the love songs.
If you haven't noticed it yet. I don't really prefer a genre. I like to switch. In this playlist, you can also find the Belgian band Willow, who I'll be interviewing in two weeks. Excited!
Put your speakers on, close your eyes and enjoy the music.

Reading: Currently I'm challenging myself by reading a book in a language I'm not perfect in. Ho Voglia di Te is an Italian love story. I'm so excited to finish it. But it has been harder than I expected it to be.
Someone told me there is a movie too. Maybe I should check that one.. 

I have been pinning a bit to much I'm afraid. I have been discovering now recipes and looks. Also life changing quotes have found their way on my pinterest boards. Photography ideas and even tattoos.  I also created a new board for all those hotties in the world.

Hart of Dixie is back after a 6 month break. I have missed Zoe and Wade to much. I'm also wasting most of my time on New Girl. And the liars are back too. I just need answers this season please. 

I'll meet some new bloggers during our meet up. I'll spend some time with friends. And I hope to go on a date soon. In februari, I'll be interviewing Willow and I'll be back at college. Time to enjoy now.

Freedom is the most amazing feeling ever. I enjoy cooking my own food, long sleeps and relax-time.

-join the discussion-

what are you currently loving/reading/celebrating...etc? do tell! 

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  1. Hart of Dixie liefde hier :) Echt, ik ben verliefd op Wade! Ik zou het zo leuk vinden als ze voor altijd en altijd bij elkaar blijven en heel gelukkig worden. Okee, ik houd van romantiek :)

  2. Ahw, en dat liedje 'life is better with you' is heel schattig!

  3. Leuke playlist! Ik probeer af en toe ook eens in mijn Spaanse boeken te lezen maar dit gaat heel moeizaam ;-)


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