Motivation Monday

Monday, February 23, 2015

Dear friends

I apologize for writing so slowly lately. I have been crazy busy with college, life and some other things. For example I had the chance to interview a very cool band, and I met a journalist I have been looking up to for years. I might have a little bit to much on my plate, but I can handle the life. Today is all about thoughts I had in the past couple of days. (Oh sorry for the messy layout, I have been experimenting a bit.) 



Do you recognize yourself in one those quotes? I really do in all of them. 


You know you're having long hair when...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Since I'm pretty obsessed with long hair. I wouldn't like short hair. Today I share with you guys ten things that you might recognize when you are having long hair. And before you ask. I will grow my hair until it is a little bit above my bum. Then I'll donate 30 centimeter to the Cancer fund.

1. There is no such thing as " I woke up like this."

Long haired people need time to do their hair. When waking up most of them look like they just ran trough the hardest storm. Combing, washing, conditioner, drying, combing again, styling. Long hair needs it all. There is just no such thing as I woke up like this when you're having long hair. Curling your hair for a party takes forever. When you're done, the party might be already over.

2.  Sleeping with untied hair is fine, as long as you don't lie on it.
Long hair is so much fun for thousands of reasons but not when you are a moving sleeper. You get stuck during your turn because somewhere you're laying on your hair.

3. You have a thousand possibilities to style your hair.
Long hair is just so much fun to experiment with. Braids, buns, loose hair, curls,..There are so many things to try. You can change the style of your hair completely without cutting it.
4. You have a love-hate relationship with the wind and the weather.
The wind blowing trough your hair is a fun feeling, but the brushing after walking outside is not.
And stormy weather might turn you into a walking hair monster.

5.When people ask you silly questions 
"When will you cut hair?" Wat do you think of never? 
" Did you know that long hair is for whores?' Say what? Hold my poodle!
" Is that your real hair?" No way. I put my extensions in every day. 

6. You're touching it all the time.
You know you're having long hair when you're whipping it back and front all the time. 
It looks sexy and it is just a fun thing to do. You also have something to touch when you are nervous or stressed out. Long hair might also be handy to flirt with that cute guy.. 

8. You can use your hair.
to hide your boobs when walking topless. Or to change your style completely. Loose hair with a beanie is making you a bit more rebel than long hair with flowers and bangs. And don't forget about hiding your face when trying to avoid someone. 

9. Your hair is everywhere.
Your brush is full of hair. Even on the floor you might find some DNA. Parties are so much fun when it's crowed and people have to pass by you. 'Eh hello, wait up. I'm hanging here.." And I even didn't started about zippers and scarfs yet.

10. You are just in love with your long hair.


List: Boyfriends on screen

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Have you seen the handsome men tag on Facebook yet? You're supposed to post a handsome guy each day, for five days. I decided that there are more hotties out there. And because I couldn't decided. Here's a list of five tv-show men I would date. (Based on the character they are playing.) 

Patrick Jane - The mentalist {Simon Baker}
Smart, handsome and a smile that light up your world. Patrick Jane has everything to fall in love with. Not only, he has the cutest smile ever. He has a sense of humor and is very smart. And also he is good in understanding people. What else do you need?

Source: Telegraph 

Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds  {Matthew Gray Gubbler}
Spencer is a genius human being who has a little nerdy look. Perfect combination if you ask me.
Though I like his short hair more than the longer hair he had at the first seasons. Criminal minds is just so much more fun to watch thanks to Matthew. Clever, bit nerdy and handsome. Yes m'dm!
Source: Criminal minds ABC

 Wade Hart of Dixie {Wilson Bethel }
This guy is unique on my list. I'm not quit sure if I would date him in real life. He is a little macho who secretly has a loving heart. Little bit brutal but cute at the same time. Wade is a man I don't find as handsome as the others on this list but he has something that I can't explain. 
Source: Imdb

Scott McCall - Teen wolf {Tyler Posey}
Aha! Cute smile, hair with little curls and a very jummy body. (Sorry not sorry.) Scott has it all. I wouldn't mind turning in to a werewolf if that means I can spend all my time with him. Just check the show once and you'll totally understand. Yes to Scott McCall.

Ezra Fitzz Pretty Litte Liars {Ian Harding}
This guy is my future boyfriend. He only doesn't know it yet. His looks are without a doubt what I like in men. He loves to read, is charming and into writing stories. Ezra might have been bad in the show for while, but I'm still crushing on him. And I need time to realize there is no Ezra in real life.
Source: Girls scene 

5 men I wouldn't mind dating, if only their characters were real. 
Who would you date if you could pick a character?


Motivation Monday

Monday, February 09, 2015


How you doing? I have been crazy busy but I'm liking it. Today's motivation is all about words to live by. I believe that quotes can make a different. Here's my monday motivation.  College is starting tomorrow and I'm not quit ready yet to let go of my freedom. May these words help you out someday. And remember. Life is in your hands. 

You might wonder why you should live by the quote on the right? I believe that people who are clearing time to talk with you are worth your time. Lately I have been changing my schedule just to fit in to someone else's schedule. He doesn't know how I changed all, but he is worth my time, even though he is the one talking to me in his free time. It's a big difference and try to remember that.



 May your monday be as awesome as your fridays. 

Note: I do not own any of those pictures. all are coming from the wonderful Pinterest.


Month in recap: January (Warning: this post contains many selfies)

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

January is already gone. The count down to the new year feels like yesterday. 
Time is flying way to fast. Anyway here's a little recap on my first month of 2015.

In january..
I didn't take much pictures; yes I do feel ashamed.

 My  heart stopped beating for a second when sweet little Simba had to go into surgery. Now He is much better so thank the Lord.

  I experienced with make-up and did a little selfie marathon. (He, it's okay to love yourself sometimes) Needles to say: Left is without make up and right is with some make-up. Hooray!

  To continue with the selfie madness. I also tried to take a decent picture of me and snow. 
I have small eyes so every small piece of light is to much for my Chinese eyes. 

  After four years, I got to see Katrijn and we had a blast.  (And another selfie hooray)

  I had a little post-christmas-celebration meeting with my lovely AFS-students. 

  And I spent one of my nights at a party with a great concept, but not so many people. Luckily we had a very fun group and a very lovely deejay. So we still had a blast. And if you ever tell me that I touch my heart to much, I'll deny it.

Read 2 books:  A week in winter - Maeve Binchy
Movies seen: Snow white, Blindness, Boyhood and Harry Potter
Yoga poses:The warrior, dancer, bridgde with leg up.  (Follow up is coming soon) 
I also said goodbye to social media for a week. Read about it here!

How has your month been? Plans for february?


5 places I adore in Antwerp (+ bloggersmeetup)

Monday, February 02, 2015

A while ago Ines and I created a bloggers platform on Facebook for Dutch bloggers.
Sunday, we finally had our first meet up. Ten of us gathered in Antwerp city.
To be honest, I have never been a fan of Antwerp but I discovered some new treasurers there.

Five hidden - or not so hidden-  places I just started to like in Antwerp city.

 The school of life 
Books and coffee has always been a perfect combination to me. This place has it all. It isn't a coffee shop and it isn't a library. Just a place I started to adore. They also sell some packages like How to be creative or How to be a better friend. Auuw. & In the bathroom. There is telling you how wonderful you look. How can you not adore this place?

▲ Pedestrian Tunnel & Kaaien
Secretly, I did not know it existed and I have never been there. So I discovered a pedestrian tunnel. Unfortunately we didn't walk trough but I will go back to walk the entire way. And if I haven't convinced you yet, then think of all the amazing pictures you will be able to take there.

And I just adore the view of water and the wind in my hair.
The Kaaien are just perfect to relax and let go of your crazy mind. It's a silent place in a busy city.

Mo made cupcakes 
Somewhere in a small street, there was a very small store full of cupcakes. The owner gave us some tastings. And even though I am not really a sugar fan, Cupcakes are just never a bad plan. I chose the chocolate luv.(the chocolate cupcake with the heart on top)   A chocolate overdose but incredible tasty. The rules are simple. Pick a taste, pay your cupcake, sit down and enjoy. Worth a visit if you ask me.

▲ The chocolate box  
Most of the places in big cities aren't low priced. The chocolate box offers a low cost lunch in a very lovely design. There was not an extensive choice for vegetarians, but I think there is enough choice to eat a good lunch.I chose the Mushroom soup with brown bread but the sandwiches were also very good looking. And have I mentioned how friendly the serving is? 
You'll feel welcome without a doubt. 

©Picture: insins.me/

▲  The wunderkammer
Creative stuff that I probably don't need. But that doesn't take away the fun. This store is just the perfect place for awesome presents to someone you like or even to yourself. Say it out loud with me. "You have never enough stuff you do not need." And how can say no to an Owl Pillow or this awesome tea set? This store has a new fan. 

© Picture: cestquilafille.be/
Een hele tijd terug begonnen Ines en ik het Bloggerscafé op Facebook. Zondag spraken we voor de eerste keer af in Antwerpen met een tiental bloggers. De bovenstaande post is een overzicht van vijf top plaatsen die we bezochten en dus toch een beetje mijn hart hebben gestolen in het Antwerpse.
Bloggers united: 
ClaudiaElodieInes,  FobeSilke, KarenJeniferNatasjaMerel


Food: Mozarella Sandwich

Sunday, February 01, 2015

A while ago I decided to experiment more with food.
And I want to  explore new directions with this blog. 
In the following weeks, you can expect a lot of  experimental behavior.
Anyway today I share with you
My homemade mozzarella Sandwich.

What do you need? 
  • Bread 
  • Mozzarella
  • Tomato 
  • Lettuce
  • Olive oil 

How do you make it? 
Fast and easy bite.

Cut the bread into a shape you prefer. Put the slices of mozzarella, lettuce and tomato on the bread. 
Finnish with olive oil on both sides of the sandwich and grill for a few minutes. Last step is the easiest. Just enjoy your healthy and tasty lunch.