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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Have you seen the handsome men tag on Facebook yet? You're supposed to post a handsome guy each day, for five days. I decided that there are more hotties out there. And because I couldn't decided. Here's a list of five tv-show men I would date. (Based on the character they are playing.) 

Patrick Jane - The mentalist {Simon Baker}
Smart, handsome and a smile that light up your world. Patrick Jane has everything to fall in love with. Not only, he has the cutest smile ever. He has a sense of humor and is very smart. And also he is good in understanding people. What else do you need?

Source: Telegraph 

Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds  {Matthew Gray Gubbler}
Spencer is a genius human being who has a little nerdy look. Perfect combination if you ask me.
Though I like his short hair more than the longer hair he had at the first seasons. Criminal minds is just so much more fun to watch thanks to Matthew. Clever, bit nerdy and handsome. Yes m'dm!
Source: Criminal minds ABC

 Wade Hart of Dixie {Wilson Bethel }
This guy is unique on my list. I'm not quit sure if I would date him in real life. He is a little macho who secretly has a loving heart. Little bit brutal but cute at the same time. Wade is a man I don't find as handsome as the others on this list but he has something that I can't explain. 
Source: Imdb

Scott McCall - Teen wolf {Tyler Posey}
Aha! Cute smile, hair with little curls and a very jummy body. (Sorry not sorry.) Scott has it all. I wouldn't mind turning in to a werewolf if that means I can spend all my time with him. Just check the show once and you'll totally understand. Yes to Scott McCall.

Ezra Fitzz Pretty Litte Liars {Ian Harding}
This guy is my future boyfriend. He only doesn't know it yet. His looks are without a doubt what I like in men. He loves to read, is charming and into writing stories. Ezra might have been bad in the show for while, but I'm still crushing on him. And I need time to realize there is no Ezra in real life.
Source: Girls scene 

5 men I wouldn't mind dating, if only their characters were real. 
Who would you date if you could pick a character?

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  1. Wade is het voor mij! Helemaal <3 Ik wacht elke week met smart op de nieuwe aflevering, oh man heb echt een zwak voor hem. X

  2. Ik ken alleen de laatste echt tbh :p de andere ken ik wel van zien maar nog niet echt veel series met hen gekeken :p

  3. Wade en Jane zijn inderdaad super hot! En ze zitten ook nog eens in enkele van mijn favoriete series!

    x Karen

  4. Wade is de hoofdreden waarom ik Hart of Dixie toch een tijdje heb kunnen volhouden. Smelt! Ik ben ook een beetje verliefd om het Britse vriendje van Jess in New Girl. Dat accent! Die puppy eyes!

  5. Oh my word, such hotties and perfect human beings! I love you so much for posting this!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  6. Habba habba! En ik sluit me ook aan bij Elodie!


Reacties zijn gemodereerd. Maar maken mij ontzettend blij ;)