Month in recap: January (Warning: this post contains many selfies)

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

January is already gone. The count down to the new year feels like yesterday. 
Time is flying way to fast. Anyway here's a little recap on my first month of 2015.

In january..
I didn't take much pictures; yes I do feel ashamed.

 My  heart stopped beating for a second when sweet little Simba had to go into surgery. Now He is much better so thank the Lord.

  I experienced with make-up and did a little selfie marathon. (He, it's okay to love yourself sometimes) Needles to say: Left is without make up and right is with some make-up. Hooray!

  To continue with the selfie madness. I also tried to take a decent picture of me and snow. 
I have small eyes so every small piece of light is to much for my Chinese eyes. 

  After four years, I got to see Katrijn and we had a blast.  (And another selfie hooray)

  I had a little post-christmas-celebration meeting with my lovely AFS-students. 

  And I spent one of my nights at a party with a great concept, but not so many people. Luckily we had a very fun group and a very lovely deejay. So we still had a blast. And if you ever tell me that I touch my heart to much, I'll deny it.

Read 2 books:  A week in winter - Maeve Binchy
Movies seen: Snow white, Blindness, Boyhood and Harry Potter
Yoga poses:The warrior, dancer, bridgde with leg up.  (Follow up is coming soon) 
I also said goodbye to social media for a week. Read about it here!

How has your month been? Plans for february?

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