You know you're having long hair when...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Since I'm pretty obsessed with long hair. I wouldn't like short hair. Today I share with you guys ten things that you might recognize when you are having long hair. And before you ask. I will grow my hair until it is a little bit above my bum. Then I'll donate 30 centimeter to the Cancer fund.

1. There is no such thing as " I woke up like this."

Long haired people need time to do their hair. When waking up most of them look like they just ran trough the hardest storm. Combing, washing, conditioner, drying, combing again, styling. Long hair needs it all. There is just no such thing as I woke up like this when you're having long hair. Curling your hair for a party takes forever. When you're done, the party might be already over.

2.  Sleeping with untied hair is fine, as long as you don't lie on it.
Long hair is so much fun for thousands of reasons but not when you are a moving sleeper. You get stuck during your turn because somewhere you're laying on your hair.

3. You have a thousand possibilities to style your hair.
Long hair is just so much fun to experiment with. Braids, buns, loose hair, curls,..There are so many things to try. You can change the style of your hair completely without cutting it.
4. You have a love-hate relationship with the wind and the weather.
The wind blowing trough your hair is a fun feeling, but the brushing after walking outside is not.
And stormy weather might turn you into a walking hair monster.

5.When people ask you silly questions 
"When will you cut hair?" Wat do you think of never? 
" Did you know that long hair is for whores?' Say what? Hold my poodle!
" Is that your real hair?" No way. I put my extensions in every day. 

6. You're touching it all the time.
You know you're having long hair when you're whipping it back and front all the time. 
It looks sexy and it is just a fun thing to do. You also have something to touch when you are nervous or stressed out. Long hair might also be handy to flirt with that cute guy.. 

8. You can use your hair.
to hide your boobs when walking topless. Or to change your style completely. Loose hair with a beanie is making you a bit more rebel than long hair with flowers and bangs. And don't forget about hiding your face when trying to avoid someone. 

9. Your hair is everywhere.
Your brush is full of hair. Even on the floor you might find some DNA. Parties are so much fun when it's crowed and people have to pass by you. 'Eh hello, wait up. I'm hanging here.." And I even didn't started about zippers and scarfs yet.

10. You are just in love with your long hair.

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  1. I have long hair too. I guess fo 40 years now ;) .I just love long hair and although there are people telling me that it is time to cut it, I am to fond of it ( and to scared I would look stupid with short hair. Or unatractive and plain )
    But for me : it is not that much work in the morning .
    I'm not sure my hair looks alright, (I often doubt it ) but I don't spend a lot of time fixing it.
    I wash it once a week, in summer twice. ( washing your hair more than once or twice a week is not healthy for your hair )
    I always use conditioner because I can't brush it without.
    I let it dry without a hair dryer ( because that's bad for your hair ), it dries natural
    I use some mousse to pronounce my natural curls.
    And the next morning i do ... nothing...
    I don't even brush it because when I do it is 'fluffy'.
    I do brush it the next evening, but not in the morning.
    And once a month I color it.
    That's it :)

  2. Hhahaha so recognizable! I have long hair, always have, and I really like it, but washing it is utter hell. Luckily I only have to wash it two times a week, because it takes ages to get a comb through ;) Good article! XO Imke

  3. Leuk! Ik heb nog nooit zo lang haar gehad als jij. Mijn haar was vroeger wel langer tot ik besliste om het eens kort te zetten, wat nog altijd zo is. Misschien laat ik het wel eens groeien want ik kan nu geen dotje maken en dat is wel handig!

    O ja, jouw haar is ook echt mooi!

  4. Ha, leuk artikel.. :) daarom kies ik ook voor kort haar, maar dan heb ik alsnog een love-hate relationship met de wind xD

  5. Haha sommige punten zijn zo grappige! Ik blijf voorlopig toch bij mijn lang haar ook al vraagt het weel onderhoudswerk.

    x Karen

  6. Haha, leuk!
    'You're touching it all the time' haha, dat ken ik nu ook! Sinds kort is het weer een beetje lang :) en daar ben ik heel blij mee, maar ik merk echt dat ik er heel vaak aan zit.. klitten eruit kammen met m'n vingers, het een kant op doen, proberen er model in te brengen (wat onmogelijk is, want mijn haar is slap).
    Echt een leuk berichtje!


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