February, where are you?

Friday, March 13, 2015

We say it constantly, but this year I really think "Where has time been?" I can't believe february is gone. And to be honest this recap might be a bit boring since I have slacked a bit if it came to blogging. Anyway my little Valentine"s month

In february I ....

▲ I have been to a bloggers-meet-up where I met some bloggers.


My sister and I went to the holiday market in Bruxelles, were we took some random pictures.

▲ Both my sisters, my sister-in-law and my cousin-in-law went to the carnival of Aalst.

▲ Valentine's day, you ask? I spent it at a great party with some friends.

▲ I interviewed Willow. Which you can listen to here! (I was very excited) 

▲ The end of february, I had another AFS-camp, which was intensive but fun. The theme was animals.

▲  I also practiced my yoga-moves a bit more. Yoga is all about falling down and standing up again.

 Books I read: 
- Still struggling with Ho Voglia Di Te
- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone (Re-read)-
- De moord op Miss België

Movies seen: 
Is it okay for my mind to go blank? I don't think I have seen a new movie.

How was yours? 

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  1. Feb has definitely been awesome for ya Melissa! EEE I've never gone to a bloggers meet up but I'm so damn sure it's hella fun!!!

  2. Die eerste foto hihihihih :D


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