Berlin: ReichsTag

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Almost a month ago I was in Berlin (serious, time is going to fast!). Today I share another hot spot with you. And this time it's a bit more touristic. My last evening I went to the German Bundestag. And I got blown away. The view was just wow. And today I'll just shut up for once and let the pictures talk. Enjoy! 


The tour inside is guided by an audio system. You can walk around as long as you want. And I was you. Visit it when the sun is going down. The view will blow you away.
To book your visit. Fill in the form here.


Today I am thankful for..

Monday, April 27, 2015


How have you been? I hope you're fine. I'm so sorry for not blogging as much as I wanted to. But anyway in the next following days(weeks) there will be an update on why and where I have been. So stay tuned. For now, this is what I'm thankful for..

"The Secret of HAPPINESS is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles"

Today I'm thankful for.. 

Improving my Yoga-skills and becoming better shaped || Parties with this beauty.  
Mien the Queen || Spending time with one of the coolest humans I know (readWouter)And bike trips.  
Living in a crazy sometimes boring town, but a place I can call home. || Crazy parties (I was sick!)
Spending time with my soulmate and my best friend. They light up the world a bit. 
Crazy mornings after parties and sleepovers || Cuddling with my caring cat. (She cheered me up)
Creating memories. Every day I wake up and the first thing I see are those pictures. I smile.
Sunny days and lunch date with my soulmate || Quality time with the best grandmother ever.
Sunlight ||Whatever I do with this girl is amazing. She is the best sis 
Skype dates with those two amazing human beings who are always here to listen to my love crap. It's not about who you have know the longest, it's all about who came in your life and changed it forever.
Skype with my mom-to-be. (more in a following post) || Losing weight 
And last but not least. I'm thankful for the creative brain I have. This box is a birthday present I created for someone I like. It's a how-to-spend-your-birthday box. ||

And now, what about you? What are you thankful for today? Share in the comments <3


Berlin: Gin Chilla Bar

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Almost two weeks ago I was enjoying Berlin. Unfortunately the after party is less fun. I currently have a bronchite. Hooray. Anyway I promised you guys some other hotspots in Berlin. Well today I take you to my favorite cocktail bar in Berlin. 

The bar is super cozy with seats and nice colors. 

Prices are okay, not expensive and the service is the best you can get. We got there by chance, but we returned the day after because we loved it there.
If you order a cocktail (Sex on the beach on the picture) you get a candy mouse and your drink is served in a jar. How awesome is that?
And don't forget the bar tender. We had a little chit chat and we also took some pictures with minster handsome. Philipp and his bar stole our hearts. Will he steal yours too?

Gin Chilla Bar.

Warschauer Stra├če 33


Berlin, a walk trough history.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Hi to you all,

Sorry for my absence.  Last week I spend my time in the beautiful Berlin. It was a college trip where we did various projects, but we also got lot of free time. In this post I'm taking you to my favorites places of history. 

If you go to Berlin, you should definitely visit the Story of Berlin. It's an interactive walk trough history. At the end there is also a tour trough the old bomb shelter.

We also walked along the Holocaust memorial. Standing there creates a mix of feelings. The memorial is beautiful and fun to walk trough. But at the same time you remember why it is standing there. The painful history of Berlin. Take your time to remember the past. 

It's pretty impossible to be in Berlin without having pictures of a piece of the wall, another interesting part of history. Many took pictures at East-side-Gallery of the men kissing but I loved this part of the remaining wall the most.

One of the days we went to the house of the Wannsee conference. If you're fancying a Dutch guide ask for it. We had the coolest guide ever. The story is once again mind fucking because I couldn't understand how cruel people were in the past.

If you're having lots of free time, you should go to park Sans Souci. You won't regret it. The building on the picture is former summer palace of king Federic. Fun fact: you have to wear giant slippers during your visit. The park also has the Chinese paviljoen. So take a day off and walk trough this beautiful park.

Sachenhausen was a nazi concentration camp in Oranienburg, almost an hour from Berlin. Me and my classmates were in shock when we left. We just can't understand how cruel people can be to each other but we also realized that this is still going on. Think about IS for example.  Worth a visit because by seeing and hearing the gruel, we understand the world better.

I'll show you some more of our trip soon. Until then enjoy the video I created with the pictures I took.