Berlin: Gin Chilla Bar

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Almost two weeks ago I was enjoying Berlin. Unfortunately the after party is less fun. I currently have a bronchite. Hooray. Anyway I promised you guys some other hotspots in Berlin. Well today I take you to my favorite cocktail bar in Berlin. 

The bar is super cozy with seats and nice colors. 

Prices are okay, not expensive and the service is the best you can get. We got there by chance, but we returned the day after because we loved it there.
If you order a cocktail (Sex on the beach on the picture) you get a candy mouse and your drink is served in a jar. How awesome is that?
And don't forget the bar tender. We had a little chit chat and we also took some pictures with minster handsome. Philipp and his bar stole our hearts. Will he steal yours too?

Gin Chilla Bar.

Warschauer Straße 33

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  1. Lijkt me een leuke plek! Deze hebben wij niet gevonden toen we in Berlijn waren maar ik zou er wel een keertje langsgaan als ik ooit nog eens naar Berlijn zou teruggaan.
    Veel beterschap he!


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